Saturday, November 14, 2009


Waiting is always a heartache. Be it waiting for friends to go out with, waiting for school exam results, job interview, or recovering from illness just to name a few. Waiting is damn stressful.

Lately I have no mood to update my blog. This is partly because I no longer enjoy writing and partly because I am now very anxious waiting for a contractor to come to repair my bathroom water tank. I have contacted 4 vendors for the repair job.
Contractor A quote me RM X
Contractor B quote me RM1.6X
Contractor C quote me RM2X
Contractor D quote me RM X but with a more refine materials than contractor A.
It will take 2 to 3 days job.

Naturally now i am eagerly waiting for contractor D to come. The sooner the better to get the problem settled. However he told me he had to put me on waiting list first because he has earlier work to rush up. (and also he charge me just to cover his expenses only, he said so) . Wish that he is sincere in this aspect. I have tested his reasonable pricing in some other works. Average workmanship too. Until the job is done will i continue my blog again.

I love my bath tank a great deal. I do not want to dismantle and replace it with a smaller acrylic tub.