Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye Year 2008, welcome 2009

I may not miss you tonight, year 2008. But I knew for sure many years from now, I may be reminiscing about it as I have done it with all the past years.

I have no particular happy occasion for this year. Just a small meagre increment. Money also not enough. Life too is a struggle for me. No romances. Just that I have made numb all my senses of anger and frustration. I have been trained rigorously for this special task to forget everything since the past 3 years, forget this old world including myself. (meaning to die alive)

I pass by the same old roads everyday. Everything is mundane. Surprise to find the beauty of the road itself. Notice the twigs of both sides of the trees joined at the end from both sides of the road. These two roads have no major changes since the past 30 years. What a view.

I nearly forget I should be thankful that other than one time mild flu, I am healthy as an ox. My blog is also born this year. Not too sure I may sustain it because I find reading is so much interesting than writing. Similarly I find watching is so much interesting than participating. Time shall tell what drama will be.

I will not be staying awake to witness the transition time between 2008 and 2009.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year 2009 is coming

Two more days to Year 2009. Nothing is new, another 365 days this new year too will turn old year too. So what. I remember last year 2007, I planned to turned vegetarian by year 2008. It was never fulfilled. I have decided to live one day at a time now.

I have been informed today and repeatedly that "What is happening is good, what is going to happen will be better because the One making it is the best".

Somebody pass to me this hard core strict and harsh principles sometime ago which somehow or other I keep recalling it ;

1. Put into action good values. Constant purity in thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections.

Thoughts, words and action all three in alignment. These days it is not easy to find people with these 3 criteria goes along parallel. The mind thinks "what the fuck, fuck off", the mouth speak of "okay" and the action is to activate "stabbed him/her". This is one the causes of stress and disease because it works against nature.

2. Minimise waste thoughts. Waste thoughts are thoughts that does not benefit any parties, why, how , how come, suspicion, guessing etc. No point worrying about something that cannot be changed. Apply a big full stop.

3. Do exercise whatever free time we have.

4. There shouldn't be any attachment to anything. No attraction should attract us even slightly, be it bodily being eg. attractive man/woman and /or gadgets eg. latest model cameras/ h/p. Any form of attraction pulls us down. A rocket is able to fly high when it goes beyond the pull of the gravity of Earth. Otherwise, it is not able to fly high. It would come down even when it doesn't want to. This is a big challenge.

5. Watch more educational /motivational tapes.

6. To develop more inner strength from the cosmic energy to effect those changes that we want..

The rest will know how to take care by itself naturally

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Swindle by Big Boobs Lady Dentist

When my colleague relate this incident to me I have a very big laugh and utter the words "EOW SIEW" several times.

One day that colleague of mine went to visit a dentist, incidentally she is a female dentist. My colleague have very bad toothache. I do not know whether it was true or not, or my colleagues exaggerate. He told me when the dentist bent down to check his tooth , he can feel her boobs leaning and touching his arm. First step , the dentist falsely check and said that he need just medicine for his toothache. Panadols and antiboitics he was charged RM120/-. Another few days he denerve his tooth another few hundreds. Xray another few bucks. Worst still her workmanship was so poor that after a few days , his tooth sank into the gum. Yet the dentist still drag on by telling him to put another stronger medicine. When he went home to check from the mirror he saw the colour of his tooth turned black. So much painful that he at last awaken and be alert that he was swindled so easily just because her boobs must have touched him. He was enjoying watching the boobs that he forgotten to really think rationally.

She should have checked and told him straight that his tooth is beyond repaired if she was honest. Just extract the tooth instead of draging so many stages of charging and charging.

I excitedly asked him, is she pretty, he told me not bad look, good looking too lor. "Hmmm, no wonder, you are charmed" Poor person. I wouldn't dare taking risk to patronise such a dentist.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rezeki, maut, jodoh semuanya di tangan Tuhan

Rezeki, maut dan jodoh semuanya di tangan Tuhan. Ia yang menentukan segala-galanya.

Over and over as I get older, I can't agree more with this statement. Based on my own and my friends's experiences. We may deny and argue by saying that there is a "choice' in whatever we do. We may have choice as what to have for breakfast, friends we want to be with, our hair style, the colour of our dress, etc. But as to these 3 aspects, namely rezeki, maut, jodoh, there is completely zero choice. Let me tell you why ;

1. Rezeki - that is associated with career and wealth.
Beginning from infancy , we have no choice as to which family we are born into. We have no choice as to who our parents are. In school we perhaps may be very hard working to go to a certain college or university of our choice. Here again some may not be brilliant enough or maybe due to financial reasons do not enter university. The connection is that this is related to one's career. Even after securing a job, some people are always denied of promotion or good increment even though he/she is hardworking, responsible and honest. See here again is without choice. You may challenge me by saying, okay switch to another company to work with. If we wanted so much to enter a certain company, this does not neccessary means this company will hire you. Other candidate who applies the same post as you may be more suitable according to the interview/employer. See again, here you have no choice. Who says got choice!. Likewise in business too one have no choice. One may earn a lot, one too can spend a lot. That is why the term business luck come into play.

2. Maut - associated with death - that probably everybody agree. We are unable to choose by what method we shall die or when we have to die. Do not tell me "suicide" er. Suicide too is not really a choice because the one who committed suicide act must have felt felt that life for his,/her is really not worth living.

3. Jodoh - associated with marriage and love.

Where on earth marriage and love got choice one. Marriage is likened a sweet batter trading between 2 parties. The man possibly wants a type of a woman's face he likes, a certain type of character of his preference, skills in certain things eg business, a good educated woman's that may helps him in his career for example and etc. The woman's too have a preconceived idea of the man's of her dream for example a certain kind of look, attributes, characters, manners, financial status, etc. When this 2 parties meet and agrees mutually then possible marriage or love can be blossom. Here again the chances of getting to know and coincidentally with 2 parties agreed is not a choice. Never a choice. Especially if for eg one parties die unexpectedly or maybe intervention of other being/events . All in all there is never a choice as to love and marriage. One may say ; what if people want to tackle anyone and if that person is rejected isn't that is considered choice. I will say no, not choice, but because of incompatiblity or circumstances love is unable to blossom.

See I attest that there is no choice as with regard "rezeki, maut dan jodoh". How true the sayings goes.

Other possible reasons latest one which I am learning now from my spiritual class is Law of Karma and the Philosphy of Life - that decides everything. According to the school nothing is coincident the e.g. given was road accident that may be avoided by a few seconds- that I have yet to comment. I haven't learnt that well yet.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Solo Chilly

To some this chilly may be nothing special but to me this chilly is so lovely. A red colour in the background of green. Looks good just like an or ornament. Wish that I have bigger land space to grow it on the land instead of in a pot. It will bear more chillies if planted on the land.

I do not have no intention of plucking this chilly as I have still many remaining chillies inside my fridge which I had purchased yesterday.

Besides the pots are the daun kadok leaves herbs.

I have a few herbs plants namely daun pandan, lemongrass , daun kunyit, daun pegaga, daun cekur and daun kaffir. I do not know how true it is , I heard that if one were to look and care for the plants with love and good feelings they will grow very well easily. Mine usually grows very well with very minimum fertiliser.

If you boil water say 3L of water with 4 or 5 leaves of daun pandan the water turns out so fragrance. You may either drink it plain yet taste so good. Or use it to prepare any instant coffee, wow, believe me it has a very pleasant smell.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sleeping Tips

The weather is very warm today. I feel I am blessed because I can stand the heat with out aircon. Not many can tolerate heat these days. They are so used to aircon that rely on aircon to sleep in their bedrooms. Even the small toddlers are pampered with aircon room nowadays. In spite of these they are some who are unable to sleep.

Well the tips are that if you want to sleep easily:-

1. Forget everything including your wife/husband, children, friends, wealth, job, car , dog and hobby. The mind has to be cleared/free from worry, concern and any negative or positive thoughts. Whatever happen has to be happened.

2. Watch boring movies or read boring books.

3. Make yourself tired by doing physical work. I know some may quickly conclude love making. Haha. I knew one.

4. Lie on the bed, with all lights shut off and relax and dream what you want to dream. Dreaming takes you away from reality and calm the mind very effectively.

It is getting late now and I am drowsy. So sad tomorrow is Monday. I hate the Monday blue. How I wish the time stand still, forever 10:35 pm as it is now eternally.

Perut Ikan

By request of a few friends who like my Perut Ikan, today I cook Perut Ikan. I do not like those sell in the market place because of profit maximising, they have cut off a few ingredients and diluted till the taste is out. It was a very time consuming dishes with lots of slicing. It take me nearly 3 hours for this single dish.

The recipes are :

50 g tamarind pulp
5 tbs water

Spice paste (All blended)
4 cm fresh tumeric
6 fresh chillies
8 dry chillies
120 g shallots
20 g galangal
15 g belacan

150 g small prawns
5 tbsp pickle fish stomach
50 gm long bean cut into 2.5 cm x 1 cm length
150 g pineapple cut into 2.5 cm x 1 cm length
2 small brinjal cut into 2.5 cm x 1 cm length
1 red chilly cut into 2.5 cm x 1 cm length
1 ginger flower - thinnly slice

Herbs (all finely sliced)
40 -50 daun kaduk
10 kaffir lime leaves
10 sprigs polygonum leaves
5 cekur leaves
3 tumeric leaves

2 tbs sugar,
1 tsp salt , to taste

1. Soak the tamarind pulp with warm water and extract the juice.

2. Heat some oil in the stainless steel wok, and saute the spice until fragrant. Add in the pickle fish stomach & stir well with the spice paste. Add in 5 cups of water & bring to boil. Toss in long bean, pineapple, egg plant ginger flower, red chillies herbs and simmer for 15 mins. Add salt and sugar. Serve hot.
Not too difficult la only very time consuming where you have to slice all the herbs and vege.
I have a big pot of them. Got to give away because you cannot keep for too many days.

Those herbs above can be planted in pots for our convenience.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I miss the good old days

In my first article I wrote about trying to be a writer who observe the principle of see no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil and think no evil. Tonight I concluded that this is not really possible because I am a normal human being, not a deity. This is not the pure land of the lost Atlantis. Everything is corrupted and impure. Even very young children today some are trained to be pick pockets. The world is getting more chaotic compared to the past fifty years. For example, when I was young it was so easy to cross the road. At that time, we even have two way traffic on any one road. There were much less fume and toxins as it was today. We have no internet access, no mobile phones, no vcd/dvd.. Pornography was so limited, it cost so exorbitant to rent or buy Playboy magazines those days. Today the competition in all fields i.e. in jobs, schooling are getting so intense. In the old days we rarely heard of gays and lesbians. That was considered a taboo. Today , these are so common and the youngsters of today even defend this activities like something to be praise worthy. No wonder HIV, and sex diseases are on the rise. Well, life is such. Wish that I had appreciated it more when I was young.

My Last Kitten/Puppy

It is a trend to own pets nowadays. Many of my friends have pets. A few of them even have either 2 puppies or 2 kitten in their home. So I was taking maybe I may have the fun as much as I always hear from them. As I do not have budget to buy any of them from the pet shop, I picked stray kitten / puppies from the wet market. You can very easily find stray kittens and puppies in my nearby market. My first experience with a kitten was a kitten given to me by a friend. I had it stayed with me for 2 days 1 night. It was terrible, very terrible. It never stop meow the whole night. I was a deep sleep person yet I was awaken by the sound of the meows. I remembered rushing to buy the cat whiskies for it as soon as the kitten was given to me. I had feed it and spoon milk it too, yet that does not stop it from meowing. I love to see the adorable and cute look of it a lot. Maybe the kitten was not familiar with its new environment. With non stop meowing I finally decided to put it at the market place.

My second puppy was also collected from the wet market. That last 1 day. I did have the intention of keeping it long because at the that same day I even took it to deworm and injection at the local govt vet. Each time when the puppy urinate on the floor I have to wipe the floor. Urgh . I was so tired. Worst, when I have to wipe the faeces. Not easy to tolerate. Seems like I am a servant to the puppy. I picked it up in the wee hours of around 6 o clock in the morning, and I have to put it back at the market around 4 something in the evening in the same day.

My third kitty happens today. It looks so cute and adorable as always. As in the previous two, I picked it up at around 6 o' clock in the morning at the market. When I came back from work, urgh , aiyo, aiyo, I can smell the shit on the floor and on the sofa. I nearly vomitted. How can I bear it for another day. Naturally I drive it back to the market place again this evening. This is my last final pick up of any kitten or puppies.

Sometimes I wonder why is that some people can share their bedroom and bed with their pets. This is not without risk. It may have flea, tick and even can pee on the bedsheet. Pets are not for me. Never meant for me. So troublesome and lots of time and effort are used up. The pet owner will have to bath for it, prepare it meals. Not worth playing with it. Better if I spend more time relaxing and resting after a hard day's work.


Everything that happened was good, the present is also good and the future will be even better.

Possibly some have read about the story of a king who had a very optimistic minister. One day the king's little finger was cut off. The minister said "don worry whatever has happen has some advantage in it". The king got extremely annoyed and kept the minister behind the bars. Yet the minister said, "whatever has happened is for the best". After some days the king went hunting in the jungle. He was caught by the tribes in the jungle. They wanted to sacrifice him on the goddess. Upon checking his physical body, they notice that his fingers are not complete as it has been amputate one. So they disqualify him. The king was so happy that there is always some advantages in every events of life. The king went back to the palace and relate this story to his minister. On hearing the story, the minister replied, "because you put me in the prison , I am safe otherwise I would have accompanied you and become a complete human being the tribe would have sacrificed me on the goddess".

Long ago I used to think that happiness can be achieved through 3 criterias :
1. Financially strong and sound.
2. Physically healthy
3. Happily married.

Since I do not possess any three of them, I said to myself, "What the hell, then I have no chance to feel happy at all, no chance, no chance at all in this life time"

Then one day I come across a small advertisement in the local daily . Free talk on the topic of happiness.
Quickly I made an effort to go and listen with open heart.
The speakers are so good, so influencing , whatever they said touched my heart. After hearing from them I had even sold off all my motivational books. I won go in details or bit around the bush. The salient points are:- :Happiness are from within. Happiness is already our birth right. It is incorrect to seek happiness outside either form material possession or from any bodily being. Fashionable gadgets keep changing. Affection from bodily being also can fluctuate. Happiness is also not dependable on circumstances, We should have inner strength over circumstance and not the other way around. We should be able to achieve enough strength to control over our senses - 5 organs. namely lust, anger, attachment, ego and greed. Haha - sound too difficult er . Forget the past. Give others happiness , keep smiling and bla bla bla..
Recently my colleagues commented than I am much happier person now from my face. Secret can be hidden. but happiness really cannot be hide. I sincerely hope I am able to sustain it. The secret is taking the "inner strength" from the cosmic energy. Till then



Long long ago there was a rich king who was looking for a suitable good man to marry off his daughter. This news was spread to all the people in the villages. The king said "Behind the back yard is my swimming pool, who ever dares to swim across alive this swimming pool will have the chance to marry my daughter." There were lots of crocodiles inside the pool. Every young men there look around with anxiety and fear. There was a big roar when a young man swam so fast and swift up pending tiredly. Everybody looked up at the "winner". When the time for announcement of the winner came, he said, " Wait, let me know who push me into the pool first, becos as I have no chance to get up, i have to struggle to swim"

Similarly this blog was created through a trigger of thoughts. My appreciation to the person who has indirectly trigger my thoughts to write. Who knows maybe one day I may be a good writer. A writer in the making. A writer who tries very hard to observe the principle of see no evil, talk no evil, hear no evil and think no evil..