Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why many men like to have affair with married woman?

It is well known fact that nowadays many men both bachelors and married men enjoy having affair with married woman compared to spinsters. Throughout my working lives and personal lives I have come across a thousands of such pairs. The reasons are very plain obvious. For those who thought that we do not know let me disclose to you. They are :

1. Relatively married women appeared to be more cheerful and lively compared to spinsters. Who will not be cheerful when one can boast about having a family i.e. husband, children , etc.

2. If the man were to have affair with a married woman, it requires less commitment. Less time and attention are also needed because the woman too will have to spend some time with her legal husband.

3. After the "project" the man can very easily wipe his buttock and wear pants and go off happily. Less string attached and less stressful.

4. Like the Chinese saying goes, "Stealing food taste more delicous". Likewise affair with married woman enhance the thrill and excitement more compared to having affair with spinster.

5. An affair with married woman also serve as less chances of contracting HIV compared to with prostitutes.

6. In case if the woman conceive the baby, it can very easily become the legal husband' child. One don't have to waste a single cent to pay for maternity bills or the chore of rearing the child up.

7. By having an affair with married woman, it need to be in the dark thus has more chances and also easier to flirt around with some other woman. Easier for man to have more partners simultaneously.

8. It is also a boost to the man's ego when he can successfully sleep with other man's wife.

9. The chances of married woman ability to win the man's heart is higher because they have already successfully hooked one man to married them.

10. In this modern age now, adulterous is already a norm, especially where they can easily meet and understands each other through work place or even some through being business partners initially.

11. The affair will be more attractive if the legal husband of the woman is rich high flyer. The man can happily announce Mr so and so's wife is my very "close friend, our relationship is sheer platonic, bla bla, bla".

12. Should the man happen to be also married, this will heighten the relationship further because both have common background- same marital status. Thereby more to exchange or talk about.

Please leave a comments if I have missed out any other reasons for these affairs.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Straits Quay, Penang

Another new beautiful place in Penang. I snap them with my handphone camera, that is why there are not that sharp. I will be visiting this place again after the harbour is completed. The light house is really very attractive. There is also a long windy path which is very suitable for evening walks and couples walks and dens.

Wednesday 29/12/10

The night is cold. So cold that I really think that fan or air-conditioner is not needed completely.
Two more days to year 2011. Another year has passed by. My life has nothing interesting to relate. Maybe spirituality is what I really need besides money for survival. You may query me what about friends and relatives. None of them is really closed with me . Too bad. Or maybe I m not good enough to find one, nobody knows.

In my life I have never celebrated english calender New Year before and I foresee the same goes to the far foreseeable future. The same year goes and come. Isn't it like this every year?. What a big event, I know not. Nothing new as I have gone through so many many years before.

Wish that I may upgrade myself so that I can survive still. Besides these I have lots of dreams, fantasies, funny crazy fantasies that never materialise at action level. Hahahahhaa.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sun 26/12/10 - online diary

Today is the happiest day of my life. No, I did not strike any lottery or Magnum. Neither did I get marry, get promotion or any romances and still financially poor.

I am happy because the time passes extremely fast. I have no worries, no stress and not a slight trace of tiredness. I am happy just being. I have learnt the art of let go and forgetting those that I suppose to forget. I listen with one ear and let out whatever that is useless in another ear. The present is so soothing and peaceful. The secret is that I have learnt not to demand limited desire and happiness; i.e. let go. ("What a big deal?", "so what" just to name a few) is what I should always be telling to myself.

Wish that I may able to sustain this elevated stage of mine forever.

Lighting up the "light'

"No wonder your life is like a shit, somebody as good as you deserve something much better." this is what any feng shui master or fortune teller will be telling me because my lanterns are not light up. The lanterns signify the star or luck. After many years, finally I decided to test it out. See how nice the electrician has fixed for me all the wiring and installation. So my life should be "ignited" now with full life force energy.

So I guess, anything that happen in the future related to me will be good or the best. Farewell to the lousy bitter past.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tusday 21/12/10 - online diary

The clock shows 10 mins to nine o'clock. The weather is cooling. I am already getting feeling sleep although I have so much house works yet to be completed. Everything is in order and I have nothing to report, both good news neither is bad news. Because I have already mastered the art of acceptance. Wish that it could be better. I am see without seeing and hear without hearing.

Nothing is new i.e I have lots of dreams and none of them is ever fulfilled. Still I tolerate it silently. I don't remember having any really happy moments. Possibly that was too long ago to recall. It always do me good if I shut off my mind and fall asleep. That's why I am sleepy. Good night and sweet dreams.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sat 18/12/10 - online diary

The night is cooling as the whole day was drizzling. When i look out from my house, i can see lines of cars jammed along the road. Seems that many people are coming out at night to enjoy themselves, possibly shopping for the coming festival, or having dinner. How come I am excluded?? Wish that i were also one of them having fun right now.

Being just come back from my meditation. I have my only meditation to give me comfort from the harsh worldly matter. So many things bring sorrow in this world how come so many people are living in such luxury happy life but not me. How come???, Too bad.

18th Dec is my blog 2nd anniversary. Cheers to my blog. May there be many years anniversaries to come.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Pre-2nd Anniversary - 18 Dec

This coming 18th December 2010 is the second anniversary of my least visited blog. Time flies. Really, seems like it was only yesterday. I would enjoyed more of blogging if i have more readership.

Two years ago when i informed my colleagues and acquaintance the name of my websites, none of them were interested. Very disheartening. Useless people. Never mind with Project Petaling Street back again, i may ping my writing to hopefully increase my readership.

I have so far in these 2 years less than 5 readers. The page readers are many times visited by my self. Anyway few readers also unable me to stop blogging. Because I have just accepted it as such.

The year is coming to and end. I have no interest to make any resolution because none of dreams and wishes are fulfilled and never will. So I just let go by. New year come and old year goes, nothing is new. It repeats again and again. Everything is "how seow". "How seow" is my local dialect meaning "illusion and mirage:"

A weekends outings

I have the chance to follow my spiritual organisation went for a bungalow stay at Ayer Itam, Penang. The bungalow is situated in the heart of the jungle of Ayer Itam, so hidden from the roadside. The whole 3 days were raining non-stop. I like and enjoyed myself there. We had spiritual classes, videos show, and some games there. There were about 30 of us there. The most happiest thing is that I have a room on my own, no sharing with anyone else. Not easy to sleep if people are around.

It was really something not wasted. My thinking were slightly different if I had not known them.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Miracle cure of "Fong Hwang"

The mandarin word "fong hwang" (phoenix). If you use your chin to write these 2 chinese wording of fong hwang, it is believed that one's stiff neck and upper part back ache may be minimised until healed. Sometimes the upper part of the back may feel pain due to our right hands are for writing, chopping vegetables, meat or working.

I am now practising them. When our chin is writing these wording, our neck do stretch and loosen the tighten muscle. It needs no money why not try it.

Sources : from one sifu from China

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Most Stupid Question - Why aren't you marrried?

My friend an elderly lady in her sixties was so furious today that somebody asked her "Why you didn't get married?" She can accept if people ask her if she is married or not but not to the extent of asking "why" or "how come" she is not married.

The person who asked that question is really very stupid and has no brain to think of why of the reasons people are not getting married . I can think of 13 (thirteen) reasons people not married off-hand, she can't - Damn stupid brainless or purposely wanted to know more in detail. The reasons of people remain single are as below, ; possibly

1. He or she is a gay or lesbian.

2. The person he or she wanted so much is married to some other person.

3. The person may be betrayed by his or her g/f or b/f, before thus he/she lose confidence in future relationship.

4. The ratio of 7 women to 3 men. Meaning in every 10 persons; 7 are women & 3 are men, thus you can have only 3 couple in this situation instead of 5 couple per every 10 persons.
(the balance 4 women will be deprived of the chance to get married)

5. The luck aspect, you may be a lady doctor and yet unable to find a good husband for example. Not everybody has the luck to be tackle or spotted by any prospective spouse.

6. The destiny aspect, not everybody is destined to be married.

7. Physically handicap or with disease, majority of the people will not choose a handicap spouse if given a fair chance.

8. The financial aspect, to mix with people, one need money for personal grooming, spending for travelling for example. - Not able to afford financially.

9. Some people are not able to cope up the heavy stress of dating.

10. Some people are unwilling to legalise their relationship or their sexual activity.

11. Some people's parents are too selfish that they discourage their children from marrying.

12. Some people especially men feel that they can buy sex from prostitute thus no need to have those hassle and responsibility of getting married.

13. That person's love is never reciprocated, therefore he/she is being left alone unfortunately.

Have I missed out any any others reasons, please inform me by leave some comments.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Breakfast for one on 9/12/10

The day was raining. I don't feel like going to the wet market to buy breakfast. Therefore I fry my own simple vegetable fried bee hoon. With some chye sim, beansprouts and 1 pc of beancurd i had it done. Never forget about garlic. One plate is easy to fry. Four and above are harder.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Passionate" Vegetarian Char Hor Fun

Cooking like many other action/activities has to come with passion to get the best result. Food taste better when cooks with passion relatively. The prove of it is that children love their mothers cooking.

Since this is a very common dish almost everybody knows the ingredients for vegetarian Char Hor Fun, I just download the pictures. Char Hor Fun blends well with a cup of coffee.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happiness Formula

I have listen to this video nearly 10 times or more. Never mind about his looks, or his Indian accent, whatever he says makes sense. Worth listening.

Happiness (H) = Set point in the brain (S) + Condition of living (C) + Voluntary choices (V)

H = 50% S + 10% C + 40% V

The interesting point is that there is also a clause of human being complicated. We have existential unhappiness. We have grievances, resentment of the past. We worry of infirmity, old age and death.

It is certainly worth listening to this Deepak Chopra's videos

Sun 5/12/10 - Body Detoxify

Today I have fruits for my meals lunch and dinner. The purpose is that I want to detoxify my body and also I do not need to cook. Thus I have more time to do what I like or rather what I should do. Lots of petty cleaning, touch up and clearing of waste, need to be done.

The weather is cloudy from morning till evening. The bad thing is that none of my bedsheets, clothes are able to dry up. I hate the foul smell of the wet clothes. No choice.

A few festival are coming near eg Xmas, New Year and Chinese Year are all on the way. These can be seen from decoration from all supermarkets, and even the wet market are more crowded than middle of the year.

One small happy announcement is that I had stopped playing Facebook game since mid of Aug 2010. Goodbye Pet Society, Restaurant City, Happy Island. Goodbye, they have wasted enough of my time. I was hooked on them for 1 year exactly.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stag horn fern

This is my stag horn fern. I have planted it since around 2005. Five years is a long time. Yet it grows very slow. Maybe I do not give it enough fetilizer. People said I grow too much plants in the garden. No matter what I do not have the heart to give away all these plants. It is nice to look at, is it not? What give away, majority of the people always give ill advises. Luckily I sieve through my intellect first.

Fried Mixed Vegetable

With all the leftover from the refrigerators
1. cabbage,
2. carrot
3. petai.
4. young corn
5. wintermelon
6. mushroom
7. onion,
8. celery Australia
9. vegetable chicken
10. ginger,
11. garlic
12. Salt and sugar to taste.
Cut and fried them. It is tasty to me.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

First happy coincidence

All my life, i never have happy lucky coincidence, not that I can remember of. Only recently I have one very minor one. One Tuesday 23/11/10 I apply annual leave for Thursday 25/11/10. On yesterday 24/11/10 we were told that our office aircon will be off for servicing on Thursday. So this is my first lucky coincidence. Hopefully there will be more to come.

I know of some people who always have lucky coincidence where they have helpers to help them in time of need, but i never have such before.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Daily Life

Life is tough and full of problems, obstacles and heartache. Thus in order for me to forgo and forget it, the most effective method is to sleep over it. By sleeping, I do not know and unable to feel any sorrow temporary. I become unconscious. Sleeping is the best healthy method to shut off our mind from any normal unhappiness. Bye and sweet dreams........ Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Everyday I wish the same thing year in and year out. How come it never materialise.?

Traditional Mask

2 in. papaya green (if sensitive skin use ripe papaya)
3 in tumeric

Pound the papaya and tumeric into a paste. Apply on the face until it dries off by itself. Rinse with tap water.

Tumeric is believed to be an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory agents. Whereas papaya is said to contains carotenes, vitamin A, B1, B2 and C.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Personalised Creative Gift

Scratching your head over thinking of what to buy for your loved ones presents? At various times we offer gift or present to friend as a token of appreciation and/or friendship or to just to say thank you. The gifts may come in various forms eg pens, belt, cake, snacks, cologne, perfume, cutleries, electrical items, fruits, vouchers, dinner, movies etc., you name it. Lately it come across my mind of giving gifts in the forms of in action or services, namely massage, i.e. back body massage - (Not the hanky panky one). There are many types and techniques can be found in the You-tube. One of those relaxing soothing massage is like the below :

So the next time, how about ask your friend to come over and try your massage. Who will do that? Maybe I be the first one, hehe, or rather the few rare one.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My present love /interest right now is dreaming. Dreaming destress me. Dreaming makes me feel comfortable and full of satisfaction. Dreams allows me to feel and experience whatever I like to feel and experience without interfering anybody or anything. Dreaming also allows me to sleep very fast and easy.

I can be a lovable princess in my dream or the most influential authoritative queen. A queen that is so much loved, pampered and treasured by a very attractive king. How wonderful! How blissful. I can also be a billionaire living in a big mansion in my dream. flying in the air too. I can be anyone i want only through dream. Everything and all events can happen as what i expect only in my dreams. Happiness can also be achieved through dreams. Noone get hurts or embarrass through my dream. Fantastic.

Dreaming is like having a good fun chat with a very close understanding companion. How can such close understanding companion be found on my way if it were not a dream.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Wake up at 9 something in the morning feeling very fresh and alive.

Went to marketing.

Make myself 1 glass of ice honey lemon as i was also making the concoction for "Over haul remedy"

Window shopping in the late afternoon. How I wished the clock tick slower on Sunday and all holidays.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is it Love or Money that keep us alive?

I love the melody for this song "Love will keep us alive" by Eagles. naturally i doubt the content.
Do real love really exist now? Or maybe I am not lucky enough to experience it. Poor me. How I wish I can have a close loving partner like Romeo and Juliet or like the one in The Titanic show being the famous phrase "I jump, you jump". Wow, then it is really bliss. How come I never got the chance to experience such loving situation. So failed. Majority of the people I knew simply love and chase after money. Maybe they are right with money only we can buy bread, rice, shelter and facilities. Without money everything is at halt.

Happy Diwali

So this is my work place kolam. The person who decorate this kolam took 2 working days to complete it. As usual, any where the kolam is always very colourful. This is the first time I take a picture with it. Happy Deepavali and Happy Holidays to all my online and offline friends everywhere.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wind chimes

Bought and hang a wind chimes for decoration. I had thrown away my old one because it never chimes due to too heavy metal. I like to hear the nice nature tune.

Whoever told me that wind chimes can attract ghost is like person that tell lies lies without really knowing the actual fact. I have once hang wind chimes for more than 30 years there was never any ghost around.

Increase stamina / energy

Do you ever feel lethargy? Or maybe you have just recovered from any sickness. From ancient time it is believe that drinking the decoction of these 3 chinese herbs may increase the life force.
20 gm "tang som"
20 gm "koh kee" (red wolfberry)
20 gm red dates
4 cups of water
Serve one person

Wash and rinse them. Put all in a slow cooker for about 4-5 hours. Drink it as and when you feel thirsty.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My short term plan

As my waist line is thickening I feel that I need to do something. Hopefully I am able to put them into action. Getting fatter now with no commensurate "fatness" in my pocket is very disgusting. Fat is very ugly .

1. Skip dinner. If necessary just take yoghurt and fruits will do.
2. Take fruit and fruit juices on Sunday.
3. Start physical yoga exercise, emphasizing more on the waist. Flexibility is good for the spine.
4. Sleep before 11:00 pm for a healthier body and mind.
5. Drink more water, because i drink less than 8 glasses per day presently.
6. Spend more time for my spiritual endeavour.
7. Start to declutter my house.
8. Spend more time on my long neglected garden.

Please let me achieve them, Divine Cosmos Energy.

On Line diary - 26/10/10

Lately I am very tired and fed-up. Workload keep increasing yet the salary never increased. What an inconsiderate management. If law of karma holds true then their business should not prosper much. Serve them right. Fucking inconsiderate people. Everybody seems to chase for fame, name and financial gain only. I hate this world. Cunning two legged animals are every where around.

In my whole life of working, I have never come across, salary increment is based on performance. Salary increment are practically based on sneakiness and unless one work in goverment sectors where they have the proper job scale work. Life is always tough for me. How come this world never ends. There is nothing to like or worth loving.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Budget Healthy Lunch

So that was my lunch for the day; 1. Burdock soup, 2. fried beansprout with chives flower, 3. mix vegetables, and 4. fried broccolli with shitake mushroom. I love them.

Those who have follow me for long will notice that so far I haven't demonstrate poultry, fish or any meat in my post. This is because I no longer cook them. However I still take them for social reasons.

An acquaitance is planning to get married

Today I received a surprise news that my acquaintance, my spiritual class mate is planning to get married. He told me after 14 years of celibacy, he fall in love with a girl who drop by in his shop. This news to certain extent shocked the seniors masters.

He was also a bit wary as he had witness 3 unhappy ending for 3 couples who were formerly from that institutions. The 1st couple ended with they gave birth to one handicapped child. The 2nd couple ended in death where the husband beat her to death for her disinterest in having sex as much as he wanted. The 3rd couple ended in divorce because of irreconcilable differences. So he has his doubts and prepared for the chances. He is unable to let go of the woman of his dream, and will be getting married soon. Love overcomes his fear. He had already spent thousand of money for the woman's family, beside the minor labour help, eg changing of bulbs, fetching the sisters, etc. As a friend i also encourage him to go ahead to his plan to end his bacherlorhood. Marriage is a mistake which is worth to make, everybody says so. I told him to invite me to his wedding because he and me have been acquaintance for 5 years already.

As a friend I just wish that his future wife will appreciate and reciprocate his love.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This muruku was fried last year. The equipments needed are muruku mould, mixer bowl, sieve and frying pan are required. The ingredients are : 3 cup of rice flour, 2 cup of black bean flour, 2 eggs, 3 tbs chilly powder , 1 tbs salt, 2 tbs carom seeds, 2 tbs sesame seed, 2 tbs cumin seed, 1 cup of water. Curry leaves. Mix until a dough is formed. Heat the frying oil, press the dough into the mould. When the oil is hot, rewind from the handle of the mould to release the dough into the pan. Take out with sieve when golden brown. Among my friends that had tasted my muruku, many of them offer to buy from me. They are very crispy and aromatic. May consider to sell if i have the time to fry.

Sources : - adapted.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What does writing meant to me.

When i was young, being a writer has come across my mind. Not that I have the passion to write, neither do i have the flair in writing, wide vocabulary or anything encouraging. I simply have great interest in reading especially those that have some elements of feelings. eg. those story books like memoirs or collection from childhood to adult to old age - biographies, novels or any love magazines. I just plainly admire the writer's creation/stories, nothing else more.

Those days when i was very young, instead of going to the library to have revision for my studies, i subconsciously pick up novels or sometimes magazine until totally absorb in it. So in the end no revision was done. Anyway those were the days. Good old days.

Writing essay in school was my worst subject which i dread so much. Believe or not I do not know how to create stories being a straight person, I learnt to memorize a few essay samples from sample books and copy bits and pieces here and there for my essay test when i was schooling. So you know how a poor creative person i was then. This round I should try to be the exact opposite. Turn the yellow to green, white to black, red to blue and so forth. Make it like fish also can fly. "Go to fly kite, you are telling nonsense now" i can hear this from afar.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Night Entertainment in Penang

The road is in

between E&O Hotel at Lebuh Farquhar and Hotel Continental Penang, Penang Road. The whole scratch of the road from beginning till the end, left and right are rows of bars, bistros, lounge and massage parlour. Unable to count how many of them, i guess must be over 10 units. Naturally these may enhance the attraction of the nearby hotels. The guests have so much choices to have fun. As it was on the Sunday morning when i was there, the clubs and bars were still closed.
Seems that after the dark night life has end, a clear new day appear. Then you have this "pure" woman in white exist a total contrast from the night environment. Joking la.

The woman in white who squat down is ............... yours truly.