Sunday, May 31, 2009

Diary on 31/5/09

It is a bright sunny day today. I like it because it facilitate my clothes washing and drying. My curtains are also dried up. I hate it when it rains, as the clothes may have the foul smell when they are not fully dried up. It spite of the hot day, I feel comfortable with the weather. Possibly the place that I stay in are surrounded by few large trees. The trees are much taller than my house. I feel the warmth but without the heat feeling.

I went out for marketing and my spiritual class lesson. Good, that I wasn't drowsy this morning. Mainly because i have good sleep the night before. Good sleep to me means no dreams in my sleep. I ate fried bee hoon there.

Today being a public holiday, therefore there is not the slightest stress. It is a wonderful day. I am all by myself. I am enjoy thinking, dreaming and fantasizing. How true are those advices given in my spiritual class. One of them being "Forget everyone and all bodily relationship". I am not anti social and has never been one. But I seldom like to join in with friends now. They had upset and played me out before. Fuck them off. Fuck them all. Some enjoy ridicule and humiliate people. Some of them asks question similar to the way the inspector insides the Police Lockup interrogate the suspects, bombard the suspect. Some are so full of arrogance. Some like to take advantage of people. Some like to insult and give destructive criticism. Shoooo.... I am happy without them. Please don't come near me. Real fucking fed up lot.

It is evening now, so fast, the time flies whenever I am at home. Home and me are in harmony. Unlike some who can't stay a few hours inside the house. Funny, just hard to understand. All sorts of different life style people. Got to rest soon. Rest with all lights off. With the calm airy atmosphere of my room to lull me, it won't take me long to fall asleep.

Menu for today - 31/5/09

Today's Menu are ;
1. Baked Eggplant
2. Asparagus fried with preserved beancurd
3. Lady Fingers fried with yellow ginger
4. Vegetarian Fried Fish
5. Vegetarian Yam Rolls.

Recipes for Baked Egg plant are :
garlic & black pepper minced, mixed with melted butter, sesame seed,
put on top of the slice egg plant.
then cut slice cheese small piece on top, followed by tomato cherry and bake, 15 mins 200 Celcius

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ancient Toilet

It is a tiring day. After work I rush back home to let the plumber repair my toilet flush. He told me that this tank of mine are no longer in the market. Antique or obsolete almost means the same.

No matter how one feel bored with the term toilet yet I or rather majority of us visit it minimum once per day to shit. Motion. Some even keep a long face to think of this dirty element. It may be dirty, but it's the most important element. You can't afford to ignore it . You have to allocate time to clear the bowels. Without visiting it my stomach feel bloated and heavy. The body feels comfortable after the waste is removed/pushed out.

Seems that I have run out of idea to write. Every post toilet related, haha. Really, not much thing left to write.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We 've got tonight

This is one of my favorite songs. I like the melody and the lyrics. It is so sentimental and romantic. I feel young again. Simply let my imagination runs wild and fantasise. Dreaming of something that shall never occur in real life. Fantasy are always so far from reality. Somehow this round it is no longer as easy to dream loving sexy acts as I was when I was "younger". Anyway,I shall have a very pleasant sleep tonight. Bye....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My "visitor" for tonight

One greenish yellow moth fly over to my dining area tonight. When I touch it, it was already dead. Funny.

In the old olden days, it was believed that it was the dead member of the house that comes to visit. But I do not believe in superstition. I have grass hoppers fly in before. Last time even worse, snakes, alligators all have had come to my hut before. (Alligator -1 time, snakes -twice, monkey -once). Animals are okay. No unknown human being please. Touch wood. I must meditate a lot for safety, to be in the cocoon of safety and peace always.

Boiling water with fragrance

As the picture tells all. Put in a few say 3 or 4 pandan leaves in your kettle when you want to boil water to get rid of chlorine or any chemical smell. Each time when I pour water from my thermoflask into the cup, my whole office is full with pandan fragrance. My colleagues like it a lot. So far in my life I haven't met anyone who dislike pandan fragrance. Please let me if you do not like pandan smell. Be the first, hehe.

My "sumptuous" wan tan mee

Choose any five varieties of vegetables. Today I choose, snow pea, 3 florets of cauliflower, 3 chinese mushroom soaked, 1 leek, 2 small leaves of cabbage, 3 twigs of local celery. Minced garlic is meant for sauteed.
Pour in half bowl of water. Let it boil. Put in all the vegetables, salt, sugar and dark soya sauce. Mix well.
Pour into the plate of wantan mee that was boiled just now. Stir abit. Ready to eat. Serve with green chillies. Simple er.

Cooking is very simple task. Some men also cook nowadays. However they are still there some women who dislike cooking. The possible reasons are :
o they do not like to clean and washing up.
o they do not like the smoke flies over into their living rooms for those staying inside apartment.
o they do not have the time, got to spend on other more important priority eg second job
o scared that possibly their hands may be rough and coarse and it is no longer attractive to glide their hubby or b/f's cock. ^-^
o laziness and tiredness.
o they will ask you back, "why cook if you can buy outside?"
Well I am not bothered. I cook becos i love to.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Do Telepathy really exist ?

According to the Collins dictionary, telepathy means the direct communication and feelings between people's minds, without the need to use speech, writing or any other normal signal.

The unseen vibration of thoughts.

We all know that everything starts with a thought. A thought has energy, which will have a positive response or negative reaction. A thought can be given as a problem or a solution. In our life time we have experience thought of stress, fear, suspicion, arrogance , happiness, contentment, anger , etc. When we express a thought through mouth, it becomes a word; when we express a thought through the eyes it is a vision or an experience. The process of action originates in the mind. Thinking is also an action.

The effects of our thoughts on our body, the self and the environment.
Thought have power and vibrations. Since the mind runs the body, a positive thinker is supposed to have healthier body compared to a negative thinking person other things being equal . It is found that when a person becomes angry, the sympathetic branch of the autonomous nervous system is activated. This cause heart rate to accelerate and the arteries to constrict. Feelings affect the systems of our body positively or negatively depending on our thoughts positive or negative respectively. Eg, the thoughts of peace, purity and contmentment not only have a soothing effect on the body, but the self also becomes happy and peaceful.

Similarly our thoughts create a pleasant environment or uneasy environment. It is our experience that when we visit one person we feel happy to be there, while we visit another person, we feel uneasy and uncomfortable. At these two places, the thoughts of the people who live in or surround that place are in action.

It is also said that sometimes when we think of a friend far away location very intensely. Coincidentally that friend called us. This explained that his thoughts are traveling to us, and we are receiving his thoughts or vice versa. Seems that we did receive the vibrations anyway.

Animals such as dogs are very sensitive to human's thoughts. That's why we have dog's owners who praise his dog for being very sensitive towards his moods and feelings at different time. Those feelings need not be expressed.

This also explain why many times home cooking taste better compared to outside food. The vibration of thoughts from the person who cooks affect the food. An angry cook unconsciously are putting the vibration of anger in the food. Likewise a mum who loves the child cooks with love and the vibration of love is spread onto the food. Thus home cooked food usually are tastier.

Meatless Lotus Soup

It is a very simple dish. Cut the lotus root, washed peanut, red dates, carrot, wolfberry (kei chee) optional and vegetarian chicken fee. Do not forget a little bit of salt and 1 pc of small rock sugar. All dump in the pot. Soup ready in 15 mins in pressure cooker.

Today I feel like to eat brown rice. Therefore I cook brown rice.

Vegetable Curry

Curry paste
5 red chillies
1 lemongrass stem
1 tbs chopped galangal
2 garlic
5 shallots
1 tbs coriander
10 black peppercorn
1 no. lime - squeeze to juice
2 tbs oil

1 cup coconut milk
200 gm long bean
1 egg plant
A pc of Cauliflower
1 small Carrrots
5 kaffir lime leaves
2 stems of basil leaves
Salt and sugar to taste

Blend all ingredients of curry paste. Stir fry the paste for about 2 mins. Add coconut milk and bring to boil. Add all vegetables, reduce heat and simmer till tender. Add lime juice.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

How I spend my evening today, 21/5/09

It was all ad hoc. Today I leave the office 5' o'clock. As I was driving. I feel that I am free, too lazy to do any housework today. So I stop by a shopping complex. I have my dinner there. I ate laksa because I try to stay away from oily food. So I proceed into the shopping mall around 6 o'clock. I enjoy window shopping. Window shopping release stress free of charge. Some more got the chance to see so many varieties of things. Electrical goods, home appliances, furniture, grocery, antique, book shops etc.

No wonder some people said that I am lucky. I can shop or go anywhere anytime I like. I have no bondages. Nobody is going to stop me. Neither I am being pulled by anything/anyone.

Unlike some people they want companionship for shopping. What the hell companionship for shopping for. I may felt pressurised if the other person allows me to see where or which stalls I want to see and he or she just tag along. Yet I also feel irritated if I give in to the other party's choice of places to go. Both ways also no fun if anyone is with me. Can't understand some people are like parasites always in need of people besides them, accompany them. Too bad if I use the word too harsh "parasites" (can't think of any better word, hehe). I don't remember being bored window shopping alone.

After shopping for more than 2 hours, I walk to the parking bay and I took a slow drive home.

Wow time passes by so fast, I have to quickly water all my beloved plants. Hand wash my clothes, take a shower. Make myself a drink, don't want coffee tonight. Drink almond for a change. I have to eat fruits. Fruits are very material to me. Without them I feel very uncomfortable and in extreme case I can fall sick. This is typical me. Have a pear, bananas and 3 nos. of left over mangosteens from yesterday.

My happy hours has finally arrived. That is the time I check my emails and read other people's blogs. I follow nearly 10 persons's blogs. Those are my favorites. I love all their blogs, each is special in their own ways. Times are up. I have to sleep early tonight. Sleeping early is one of the anti-aging tips. Haha. Early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy and wise. Sweet dreams.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Most Misunderstood Aspect Of Law Of Karma

The Law Of Karma, of action and reaction, is applicable to the spiritual sphere and is absolute. It states for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. "Opposite" of course means 'opposite in direction'. Whatever interactions I have with others, I receive the equivalent in return. This means that, if I have given happiness, I will receive happiness in return and if I have given sorrow, I will receive sorrow in return. The law is simple and, when understood in its full depth, it can give insight into the significance of events in my own world and in the world at large. "As you sow , so shall you reap". It is the Law of Cause and Effect.

The tricky part is that sometimes we heard of people crying and asking, "How come such an innocent small child has to go through such hardship as to endure a certain disease for eg hole in the heart, cancer and what not. He or she hasn't done anyone any harm." It is true the child hasn't done anyone any harm. People are talking about this life. They have just forgotten about his/her previous life deed. What he or she has done in his or her past life?.

The negativity of the past life has led him/her into "karmic-debts" in this present life of him/her. He or she is now repaying that debt by sickness suffering for example.

Ignorant of law is no excuse. Just like we are still affected by the law of gravity either we aware or non-aware of its existence.

Vegetarian Mee Suah Soup

2 tsp of cooking oil,
3 cloves of garlic,
3 cm of ginger
6 cm of carrot
1 no. of chilly
4 or 5 sprig chinese parsely
1 comb of mee suah
3 florets of abalone mushroom
small number of enoki mushroom
2 leaves of chye sim
small piece of cabbage
A few drops of soya sauce
Salt and sugar to taste
Boil the mee suah separately in a pot. Take out from pot and put aside in a bowl. Slice thinly the ginger and chop the garlic. Cut the chye sim and carrot. Saute sliced ginger and chopped garlic till fragrance. Pour in 1 cup water. Let the water boil, then put in chye sim , mushrooms and carrot slice. Scoop out the soup into the boil. Garnish with chinese parsely and serve with red chillies.

This is my breakfast for today. I have the time to cook if I wake up early as today. Ten years ago if I were given mee suah I said "Urgh" ...... Today is different I love my mee suah soup. All noodles soup will be tasty if one put in at least 5 different types of vege in the soup. This is to make up the lack of prawns or any seafood inside. Without the minimum of 5 different types of any vege inside the vegetarian soup it will never give enough sweetness thus taste bland and flat.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Corn On The Cob With Garlic Butter

2 fresh corn cob

5-6 garlic , crushed
1 tsp ground black pepper
1/4 tsp salt
1tsp sesame oil
2 tbsp butter, melted.

Peel husk down from corn and tie it round the base of the corn, or you make cut the away the husk until you have a balance of 3 inches to use as holder.
Combine the seasoning in a bowl and brush corn with mixture. Grill or bake it for about 10 mins, turn and bake for another 10 mins (180-200 C)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"The Iron Lady" local movie

What the movie has taught me?

A very educational movie. The movie is so real and it taught us ;

1. Never trust anyone including your own children, lovers, spouse.
2. Hypocrites are almost everywhere.
3. This confirm and reconfirm and repeat what I have observe daily, no exception.
4. Divine help is what we needed most to be save from all types of evil. Because sometimes we may be careless. - Help from the above is what we needed most at this time were crime is at the rise, Divine helps.

These are the key lessons to be learnt and remembered from the movie. Wish that I will not forget.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday night 12/5/09

It has been a very tiring day at work. Everybody is multi tasking now. It is very disheartening to think about it, let alone write and document it. I shall be watching television movie afterward at 10:00 pm - Iron Lady Channel 7 . This is after a break of more than 5 years. The first time I followed this series was last week Thursday. It is very tiring to watch movies too, using up eyesight energy. To me I have to read subtitle to understand what has been said. It is never easy to learn up Mandarin and Cantonese. I can be watching and listening for more than 100 years but i cannot catch up whatever has been said.

Not many people are aware that there are a few minority of Chinese who do not understand Mandarin. Very ignorant of them, whenever they see Chinese they speak in Mandarin language. Very disgusting. Ok la I don't want to deal too much of trivial matters.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Guessing

Majority of the people will remember their mothers with love. They will remember how pleasant the time both mother and child spend together. The conversation and advise given by their mothers, the gifts exchange by the mother and child, the food prepared by their mothers etc But there is one aspect which we may not remember or have forgotten is that ........................ Guess................................... Keep guessing,.............................. I have forgotten during my time too.......................................... My friends have forgotten.......................................... Can you guess.. Something to do with staying ..................................Where ......................................staying where, her house ?................................... Keep guessing ..................................

Answer : We had stayed in her womb for nine months

Raindrops inspiration

While standing in front of the rain, I tried testing my camera whether I can snap the picture of rain drops. The green colour background makes the rain stands out. We have rain on and off for the past one week. After the rain, the air is cleaner and more pure. Seems like the rain wipe out the dust.

Resting is one of my hobbies. Resting is also like respecting our body. People say an over used machine gets worn and malfunctions faster. While an under-used machine will subsequently cease to work. As I am getting older I am thinking a lot of ways to contribute to my good health and longevity. More towards natural way of living. Going back to old ancient ways of living. Eg, minimise fast food, artificial flavoring food etc. Trying to follow the philosophical life as been taught in my spiritual class, eg
1. Trying to do good and be good. (Not causing the self and others sorrow)
2. Trying to forgive,
3. Trying to let go everything including the incident that I have been cheated as in the post 9/5/09, hehe. (Do not remember the past)
4. To be be fair, kind, compassionate and non-judgmental.
5. To be an embodiment of virtues as thought in the spiritual class.
6. To die alive.
7. To start living.
8. To eliminate any nonsense bondages or attachment.
9. To smile more.
10. I do not whether it is true or not, but it is said that if you focus yourself on the Cosmic Energy more, slowly your sin may be absolved.

Simple Meatless Lunch

As shown in the pictures I slice all the vege, garlic, shallot, ginger, chye sim fresh mushroom, leek and celery. Dice carrot and taupok. Saute the onions, garlic and ginger, add beansprouts, followed by the rest. Mix and fry well. Pour in rice and stir well. Put soya sauce salt and sugar to taste. This is my easy and nutritious fried rice. Serve with sambal belacan. The taste never lose out to hawkers food and it is more hygienic. More balance in terms of the ratio of vege to rice compared to hawkers' fried rice where they give you rice with little or hardly enough vege. Cheaper too.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I have been cheated

Bought a new smaller pressure cooker of 3 liter today. My existing one which I bought last year 6 lit is too big for me. Most of the utensils eg rice cookers, slow cooker, frying pans, I have 2 sets. 1 big size one small size. Smaller is easier to clean and also lighter for me.

Glad that I have cooked the sweet peanut soup dessert within 15 mins only with pressure cooker. I follow the recipes from Lily's Wai Seng Hong website.

What had upset me is that when I purchase the pressure cooker, I went to 1st shop say Shop A, I bought it here because my friend said she bought it here. After I bought and paid, when I went to another shop Shop B which is situated another 2 mins walking distance away , the price is RM60/- cheaper with same same brand and size. Hiya, if only i had not been lazy I will not have to lose RM60/-. If only I have not follow my friend's words. No matter how careful I am, normally checking and comparing and evaluating. Today I just missed 1 step I have been cheated. I do not like to waste money unnecessarily. As I am not happy today therefore I am very sleepy . Whatever I am down I am very sleepy. My eyes are drooping now. Only time can heals my "wound". No "syiok". Only time can makes me forget it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Wesak Day

To all my readers who celebrate Wesak Day, Happy Wesak Day and to those who don't celebrate Wesak Day, Happy Holiday. Have a nice weekends. And please do drop by again.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Squating toilet surprises

Squatting is the easiest, most natural and healthiest position for defecation. (It is also the most natural position for giving birth.)

Personally I always prefer squatting toilets because it is relatively cleaner compared to sitting toilets. Our skin is not in touch with the pedestal. I have come across many public toilets which the pedestal are most of the time too dirty to sit on. It is most of the times fill with drops of urine, shit and sometimes menstrual blood stains. And most people will que for the squatting toilet.

With squatting toilets, it is less messy. I heard of people saying that sitting toilets are beneficial for the elderly as they may have difficulty squatting. I guess that applies if they are not used to being squatting since young. My mum, my grand-parents can still squat when they were in their seventies with no difficulty. In our old house, our kitchen and toilets are of the squatting design.

The plumbing of the human anatomy is arranged to work in the squatting position.

When a person squats to defecate, the recto-anal angle at the end of the anal canal straightens out to permit easy evacuation. If a person sits, the sharper recto-anal angle forms a constriction and so pressure is required to force the contents of the bowel though it (see diagram).

Sitting versus squatting, angle of anal canal in sitting and squatting positions

Other problems associated with constipation, such as haemorrhoids, prostate inflammation, cystitis, backaches and incontinence, are also avoided or relieved by adoption of the squatting position.

Sources :

Monday, May 4, 2009

Along the sea coast

I was driving home around 7 something tonight. I have passed by this road many times before. But only tonight I feel the beauty along the sea coast. Only tonight I see the beauty of the glittering lights at the other side of the sea. What a beautiful view, that I purposely slow down my driving speed to drag on watching and admiring the sides of the road. I feel so carefree and bliss that my only wish now is that I will stay on forever. It is like me and the world with no interference. The rain has stopped. The sky is so clear. No sorrow, no heartache. I have forgotten everything of the past. I enjoy being as it is now. How i wish it were a longer road so that i will not have to stop admiring the view. People are passing and walking by at the other side of the road. How come I only to learn to live now? Wish it were earlier, but cannot because my karmic debts was outstanding until recently. At last I am free.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Raining Days - Part II

Talking about raining days, I by nature like to have spare or contingency on food as well as on non-edible items such as washing liquid, toilet toll, insecticides spray and soaps.
For perishable food such as vegetables and fruits I have 2 - 3 day stock.
For non-perishable food such as rice, sugar, salt, dried bean strip, I have 5 - 6 months stock.
For non-edible items, such as washing liquid/powder, toilet roll, soaps, and tissue paper I have one year stock. I do not feel that this is a waste of money as some said because, convenience to me is crucial and also those items are purchased during sales season. I don't bother about holding stock cost. The goods are with me and not wasted .

It's a raining day

It has been raining since early 5 am. The roads are wet and many are flooded. Makes me so lazy to go to wet market as I still have some leftover vegetables and fruits.
The pictures above are taken outside my house. I am very drowsy. But no matter how drowsy I am in the day time , i try not sleep because I want to have a good early night sleep at night. I think I am weather sensitive, this cloudy cool weather makes me very lazy. To the extent of going to window shopping or do any house chores.
As for my lunch I cook/fried bean strip with chye sim, carrot, chives, and of course garlic.
Looks like koay teow but it is bean strip ("tau chiam") . I am thinking of sweet peanut soup as my dessert but so sad it is not successful it was burnt.
At the time of writing this I am re-cooking again new sweet peanut soup. Hopefully it turns out okay this round. I guess I cooked too long with too little water. Not used to my pressure cooker yet.
The time passes so fast whenever I am at home. Wish as I always wish time stands still. The present is good enough for me, I just wish it will remain so as it is, unless for the better.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A day in 1/5/09

I regard today as a day well spent, all to my preference. Am satisfied and wish that it can be longer or never ends.
7:30 am - wake up
7:30 - 8:00 am - still on the lying mode
8:00 am - 9:00 am - prepare breakfast, eating
9:00 M - 10:15 am - drive to wet market to buy vegetables
10:15 am - 11:00 am - do some weeding in the garden
10:00 am - 11:45 am - surf the internet for news and general information
11:45 am - 1:30 pm - prepare and have lunch
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm - surf the internet for news and general information round 2
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm - resting and thinking
2:30 pm - 3: 30 pm - do cleaning , washing of clothes
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm - filtering of my garbage enzyme
5:00 pm - 5:45 pm - resting by reading /flipping some recipes books
5:45 pm - 6:15 pm- bathing round 2
6:15 pm - 6:30 pm - have fruits, biscuits and vegetables soup for dinner
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm - out for meditation and seen spiritual movie - superb movie, so informative
9:00 pm - 9:30 pm - updating this blog
9:30 pm -
Many roads are jammed crowded. This is one of the few happy public holiday I have experienced. No interference, no "bull shit" heartache. It pass by so peaceful and smooth. Possibly I have been learning to let go of all desires. Desires bring about sorrow.