Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sick And Cure

I have fever for 3 days with temperature around 38.9 C on Sat and  Sun nites.  This time I do not want to be so stupid to drag until 1 week to admit hospital.   Prior to this  I did go and see clinic doctor on Sat 22/9/12 but my condition do not improve. 

On Monday morning 24/9/12 I check in hospital.  I was worried whether it was dengue.  However the doctor told me it would be easy if it were dengue.  If not it would require further investigation.   So a thorough body check up was done on me.  Full analysis.   Lucky to say that I have clean health with the exception of cholesterol 5.8.   Ideally it should be below 5.2.

To cut the stories short, I had food poisoning.  Following that I lose few kg till presently 52 kg.

Looking back now, I make some analysis from where the food poisoning come from.   A night before I went to CG.  I have lots of food there.  I really unable to  say which one it was from.

I have to be extra clean in all my dealings now.  Be it with water, utensils, the food ingredients, towels and the rest.  The pain from the fever and never ending toilet visits makes me really very dizzy and weak that day.  With severe headache I can't even eat  or think or look at anything. 

Praise the Lord that I have recovered now completely.  The doctor told me no further medicine is required.  Only a balance diet, rest and exercise are required.