Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lunch For One

The above dishes are 1. Asparagus fried tau joo with fresh shitake mushroon, garlic and carrot

2. Ikan Keli masak "chuan chuan" (Ikan keli is "toh sat" in Hokkien)

Ingredients for Ikan Keli masak chuan chuan are

1. garlic mince
2. Ginger slices and mince thinly
3 1 no. big onion
4. 1 no. tomato
5. 2 tbs preserved beancurd mashed. Tumis ginger dan garlic. Goreng bawang. 1 cawan air dituangkan ke kuali. Bila mendidih bubuh ikan yang telah dipotong. Renih lebih kurang 8- 10 min. Keluarkan dan hias.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Couple's Photos.

I can read it from the photos. I can see how their feelings from the photos. This is especially accurate from couple's photos. I can tell how much depth is their love for one another through the picture of them. Not that I brag, i think most people's also can read very accurately from the pictures. The photos show their feelings and emotions of the respective partner's at that particular point int time. A fake smile or a reluctant together taken pictures all that can never hide from me. I have seen some who are so protective over their other halves, some are like out of no choice, some are like being pleased with one another, that is "you are my world' etc.

The saddest is the one that don't even like to take picture with the boy/girl meaning that he/she does not want to be associated at all with the girl/boy, or doesn't like to look close with the other party. All these I can easily understand because I have been around in this world for long period of time.

Why have I been wasting my time? I am qualified to be a part-time fortune teller.

** This short article is write up due to my inspiration by the couple's photos contest which i read from the facebook.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Networking and fellowship

It is high time for me to interact more with people although I do not like it.

This coming Friday I shall attending my first cell group. In February 2011 I start going to church, coincidentally February 2012 I shall start to attending the church cell group much to my reluctant. The people there are clever enough to put forward to me the benefits of me joining a group. That I won't deny . On the other hand I am very scared. Scared of a few reasons. 1. Whether it may like a workshop or not. 2. Whether they will assess and evaluate me or not (This is confirm is to be).

Still I will try out a few times and I see the outcome. The Lord knew the importance of relationships.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sick with fever

Life is nothing without health. Without money one can still struggle to survive. Without health it is worse than death.

I have fever & flu for the past 2 day. Wished that it is just normal fever and will subside soon. Taking medicine seems not enough for me. I use coin to detoxify the ancient chinese style too. That is one use coin to press the veins so as to lower the temperature.

The weather is dry and hot makes it easier to get flu.

And I shall go to sleep early tonight.