Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sea coast

When I was young I do not admire or appreciate sea view. Today at this ripe old age, I learn to like the sea view. I have seen it innumerable times yet I have never been bored with it. It has so wide dimension. No matter how pollute it may be, still it is so unadulterated - the most pure and natural. There was the sky, the sea, the sand and me all by myself. Wishing I am healthy forever so that I may come back again.

The pictures are taken during sunset hour. There are not many people around. Where have all the people been? Lost and gone in the wind far far away.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Body overhaul" the traditional way.

Body Overhaul -Don't take it literally. Arteries blockage the home remedy method.

1 cup of garlic
1 cup old ginger
1 cup lemon juice
1 cup apple cider vinegar
2 cup honey

Blend the garlic and ginger till like a paste. Put in the blended garlic, lemon juice and ginger in frying pan. Stir slowly like stirring jam for approx 15 - 20 mins. Put in apple cider vinegar and mix. When cool pour in honey and mix well. Keep in refrigerator.

To be taken one table spoon daily early in the morning. I have friends who have eaten it and can feel the effect of his breathing becomes easier.

Notice the lemon squeezer I use to squeeze the lemons. It is not easy to squeeze all the 10 lemons all by bare hand.

Sources: The recipes are given by a retired doctor who at the age of 70 something can still cycling. As it has been given to me generously and altruistic, I shall pass it on similarly.

Earth Hour 2009 - Part 2

It did not happen as i planned. During that period from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm i was meditating in candle light at the meditation centre. We describe this as serving the five elements namely, water , fire, earth, air and space.

One of the simple ways to contribute to green is by using less toilet papers for eg. Especially at home, or any toilet that has extra pipe bidet, after defecate, instead of wiping with toilet paper, it is cleaner and saver to wash the anus with water. After cleaning with water only then wipe dry with toilet paper. I have learnt and practise this since the past few years. Much cleaner compared to just wiping with toilet roll. First class cleanliness. Haha.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

This Saturday 28/3/09 I have intention to observe the Earth House because I am free on that hour. ( 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm) I will switch off all lights and take this opportunity to rest or relax. Very highly likely I shall fall asleep and when I wake up, it will be Sunday 29/3/09 morning. What a nice day to fall asleep by not feeling guilty or wasted any moment of it. This should be fun.

This reminds me of so many times people ask me why do I not feel wasted by sleeping early at night. My reply was, "Of course not, sleep rejuvenate my body and soul".

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wasted, Risky and Unfruitful Love

Case One
A young woman was very much in love with a man. Coincidentally this woman is filthy rich. She took the guy to tour France, Japan, America, Europe, any country you name it. Besides the holidaying the woman had spent a lot on the man in terms of presents, food, accommodation and luxury. Some how for unknown reason, the man found another woman and left this filthy rich woman alone. The woman cried and beg the man to come back to her but the man switch off his hand phone, change the phone number and refused to answer the woman's call at all time.

Case Two.
An elderly love and trusted a man. Incidentally this old woman is a also a wealthy widow. The con man befriend her, persuaded and teach the woman to joint venture with him money lending business. In the first 2 months the man convinced the woman of the profit in money lending by giving her a few thousands said to be the interest from lending. The elderly woman got excited and happy and gave more money to the man. All in all 3 transactions, that cost the woman nearly RM100,000.00. After a few months the man are no where to be seen or heard.
Same like the first case, all telephone calls are ignored by the man. Even when the old lady hospitalised. there is no news or calls from the con man.

Case Three.
The woman befriended this young chap. So much in love with him, that she allows the man to took nude picture of her. The man sweet talk to the woman that he loves to see her a great deal, therefore he would like to look at her pictures all times One day out of greed the man exhort money from the woman so as he will not distribute her pictures through the internet. Thus more and more had to be given to the man, but it is never enough. The woman finally reported this case to the volunteer centre.

Moral of the stories : It is very risky to be in love, very very risky. And money alone also cannot buy love.

Sources : They are real stories related to me by my friend.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Youth Park, Penang

It is a Sunday afternoon around 6 pm. The place was packed. Cloudy day. The pictures below speak for themselves.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My phobia for the single, married, divorcee and widower

On and off I have been asked and requested to attend single club similar like the one organise by the MCA Cupid Club by some married colleagues uncles and aunties. Maybe their intentions are good and well intended for me to find a life partner, some maybe just jokingly expressed.

No matter what their reasons may be, I shall not be attending such single club or the MCA Cupid Club. Knowing and understanding very well that we select the partner and vice versa (people also watch and choose us ) this by itself is already creating very stressful situation. So much so that it is not much different from jobs interviews. This scenarios is just like interviewing for the post of prospective boyfriend, girlfriend. I have to stay away from such draining energy play.

The singles

Just ask yourself, if he or she is good especially the men (Because the ratio of women population to men is bigger) why does he still needs to be at the Single Club. Women of today will have chased after him (women of this century are very daring) or he will be gentlemen enough to find his own girlfriend. High probality is that he is rejected due to his ugliness or any bad habits or character of him. Would you still be happy to receive "rejected goods" . Oh no, i wouldn't want to know of such man, i can't and won't be able to change him anyway.

The divorcees

If he or she is so good, do you think his or her spouse would be willing to divorce him or her. and to release he or she to somebody else. This cannot be. This is another discouraging categories.
If a man is bad to his first wife, the chances is that he will not be good to his next wife. Unless you are those lucky to have have those powerful authority to tame him. or maybe your astrolgy and him matches well. In addition who knows maybe he still have very close relationship or secret affair with his ex-wife much to your chagrin. This too another tiresome try.

The widower

Worst, what if he still in love with his wife and compares you every way with his late wife.

The married man

This category of course is a no-no. Because his priority are always his wife and his family. You will just have those minor left over balance of his time and attention.

On top of this what about the hygiene aspects, any venereal diseases which even the doctor cannot detected during its initial stages.

The human virtues aspect, compassion, consideration, interest, manner are all to stressful and drain of energy to get to know of. And also what is there to talk about or exchange between new founded friends or acquaintances. This is another stressful situation that really wear you down.

In the end after hearing my side of story, my colleagues finally gave up. One blamed me as a pessimist. It is logic, isn't it? or is that my heart is closed. No, no............

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stress Attack - Part II

The Chinese medicine is not able to heal me this round. Possibly the requirement of my body differs from the past few years. I am switching to Western medicine and drink lots of orange juice, and eat more fruits. Rest are what I needed most. 3 days are likened to 3 years if one are sick.

Good health is the most important factor in life. All the rest are secondary.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stress Attack

Stress manifest in flu and fever. Weather was never the cause for my flu. How I wish I am immune to emotions and feelings. Then I will be stress free.

It is believe that if we scrap the back with coin and oil this may speed up the recovery by letting the heat out faster. The medicine tonic is alkaline based so as to neutralise my body which has turned acidic. A terribly bitter medicine.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1st Class Family Planning

I learn a new lesson today. The world first class family planning is to get rid of lust. Lust is the greatest enemy. Do not be attracted to any body's form or body. Regard everybody as our brothers's soul.

If this really take effect, pharmaceutical businesses will be reduced in terms of contraceptive pills and or medicine for syphilis, herpes, etc. Crime, rape cases, and the subtle sexual harassment will also be reduced. No more unnecessary abortion. This method is also free of charge. Number of marriages will also be declined. Likewise divorcee rates also reduced. Indirectly this also helps to control the over populated world. However, then there will be no more hot topic like the so called Edison Chen stories.

Cannot stop myself smiling over this. Maybe I shall give this quiz/riddle to my fellow co-workers when I meet them.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spaghetti with sauces

5 no. tomatoes - minced
5 no. garlic - minced
3 no. big onions- minced
bay leaves,
oregano leaves/basil leaves
5 tbsp tomato sos,
1 small tin tomato puree
few drops of L & P, 2 slice of cheese (optional),
sugar & salt to taste
Make the sauce
In a frying pan, heat up butter, fry the onions, garlic till fragrant. Add tomatoes, sauces and the herbs. Cook, stirring frequently tuntil sauce thickens. Season to taste.
Boil the pasta. I finished the plate in less than 15 mins.
** The sauce can be stored in airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Slumdog Millionaire

Watch the Slumdog Millionaire dvd today. It pulls all my organs's senses, with suspense, sadness, thrill and joy finally when the couple are reunion back. All my energy are drain away. Have to rest a lot to compensate and reenergise back. This is something I am different from all my friends. They watch movie to relax. I have to stay away from movie to relax, hehe.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Attraction in the mundane world

If I were a good artist I would have drawn his face so that I can have a picture of him hang on the wall near my bed. I get satisfaction in seeing him. I love to see the short curly hair of him. The not too small or too big eyes. The most striking aspect is the little protruding bug teeth similar like the person married to long long ago. This make it so unique and attractive especially when he smile . He is of medium built about 5ft 6 to 5 ft 7.. Body also alluring. Slim and trim. I haven't seen him with any women so far.

All I knew is that I see him travelling in the ferry sometimes. I do not know where he is from or anything about him eg his occupation, his living background, his marital status, his trustworthy. etc. I don't bother to know. That is immaterial to me. Coz I just admire from a distance.

P.S. This is not real story. This is one of my fictions writing

Rise above the Four "C"s to reduce stress

Criticism, Competition, Comparison and Corruption

In the course of my life i don't remember ever received constructive criticism. All that I have had received are destructive criticism. People criticise because they are impure, some are out of jealousy, and majority are just deriving pleasure in making others feel inferior to him/her.

Example, half the tension, unhappiness and sorrow which we experience in our life is because we tend to compare ourselves with others. Due to such comparison we feel we are less privileged. We are happy being and since we don't possess the luxury we become unhappy person.

A person with high ego can never feel happy about his achievement and has an unquenchable desire to out to beat/defeat others .

That I do not need to explain further. The conscience may continue to haunt

Those four "C'" are stress induction in their own ways.

Guests in the planet Earth

I am aware that I am a guest in this planet, Earth because I will not be staying here permanently forever. We are all guests in this huge world. This temporary phase is not going to last long. Why then so many of us have so much expectations and so demanding in nature I know not. Perhaps they felt that they are long staying guests that's why are so demanding in nature.

If you ask a person why he works so hard accumulating wealth for which he is taking so much pressure and strain. His reply would be for comfort and security. In fact, lot of wealth bring feelings of security, name, fame , increases one's status, pride and ego. (that is after the fulfillment of basic needs)

There is nothing wrong earning more money but the business and professional activities should not be too stressful. Too much stress may lead to heart disease, hyper tension and all sorts of diseases. Consequently they have made their stay here less enjoyable and pleasant as it should be.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Floating Mosque

Isn't the architecture of this mosque attractive?
P.S. These pictures are without any Photoshop modification. This is WYSIWYG

First and Last "625"

Seems like yesterday but it was twelve months ago the petrol allowance of RM625 was implemented. So glad that I received mine today. Unexpectedly there was no queue for road tax renewal counter at the Post Office during lunch time.

As a token of friendship I bought pastry buns/bread for my friends. This liken a bonus to me.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Botanical Garden

Had a leisure walk at the Botanical Garden.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stand Alone Moon

It was ages since I look up the sky at night to watch the moon and star. The picture was taken last few nights ago in front of my place. There were no star only the full moon.
It was a dry warm night. It is good to relax our mind for about half an hour before we go to bed. But I seldom practise this. I fall asleep as and when I am tired. How I wish electricity is not invented, so that we may rest earlier at night. Now most of us work and play day and night. This deprive of our body enough rest. Other things being equal our life span too become shorten compared to our great grandfathers' time.