Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Disgusting matter - No. 1

Different people has different matter that trigger their irritation. As for me I have one particular matter that really damn annoyed and disgusted. Again and again I have the freak "accident" to meet such kind of insensitive people as if their are so ignorant.

They simply do not k now that not everybody take up mandarin in school. We may be Chinese in body but that doesn't mean all Chinese understand Mandarin. They are so many sales people approach in mandarin thinking that I shall be able to understand what they are trying to say. Recently only I met one sales personnel asked me in mandarin which I guess must be asking me to try his products or what not, I told him plainly, "Eh, do you guys assume all chinese understand mandarin. You thought here is the country of China er?.. Or have forgotten this is Malaysia. How come you do not want to ask in either English or Bahasa Malaysia language.. " So irritating. Like that how can you create a positive vibes for me to listen further to you whatever you want to promote. At least have the courtesy to speak in the local dialect. They react as if Mandarin language is so great that everybody should understand. Not all Chinese take up Mandarin in school.

I think their superior has not trained them enough the tactics to begin conversation with people. Simply begins a foreign language to potential customers. So oblivious to the fact that not all Chinese understand mandarin. Get out of my way.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bathroom Water Tank

In most newly built houses, the trend now is either you have shower or long bathtub in your bathroom. The other day when the water was sipping from my water tank, I was very much affected. Many thoughts such as either to demolish it and to refixed with another new different type of water tank or to repair by waterproofing came playing in my mind for so long.

Personally I don't really like shower. The water is too "straight" meaning how can one really cleanse those parts of your body without using a pail. Can you, I can't.

So I finally decided to preserve my water tank by waterproofing it. My interest in water tank also makes me snap a few water tank from various coffee shops. The first picture is my "refurbish" water tank in my cottage.