Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Virtual Pet

I have been absence nearly for 10 days. The reason is because I am now hooked and addicted to my virtual pet in the Pet society online game in the facebook. Earlier when my friends asked me to join them I was very reluctant to play. After a period of calling and inviting from them I relent. Seems that I am now much more excited than them.

Basically the game is such that you accumulate coins when your pet visit your friends, play a few games such as skipping rope, racing, hitting baseball, fishing etc. From the coins one collected, you are allowed to create your virtual dream home from one room to many rooms bungalow with back and front garden. It allows you to purchase variety of furnitures according to your creativity and design. You then decorate and arrange as to your preference.

I admire the person that create this online. It really simulate real life situation. Example, if you plants vegetables, upon harvest you may sell them if you like. You can change the dressing of your pet too. Very interesting and fun. On my first few days log in this game, I played 3 to 4 hours non-stop. When my friends see me so absorbed in this game, they told, "There I told you so, very interesting one".

True, if you haven't play this game, try log in Facebook and join me play Pet society. Please add me as your friend because each each visit is paid 30 coins.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hungry Ghost Festival

Today mark the first day of "Hungry Ghost Month" according to the Chinese Lunar Calender, being the 7th month. Many years ago there are many people praying near the roadside on the first, middle and the last day of the Ghost Festival. The reasons or purpose being to seek blessing from the ghost, the wandering homeless spirits and all sorts of evil spirits. A "kow taw" to them with jossticks, hell notes and fruits and food too. These days these rituals are still carried out by some. I can feel that it is lesser now compared to say 20 years ago where nearly all houses after the sunset all family members come out to pray at the road side. Traditions are traditions.

Some superstitious say that during these "Ghost Month" many death, accidents and illnesses may occur. Well, beliefs are beliefs, there is no point in either defending or denying them. Be it let it be.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rambling on a Sunday night

Today I attended a course the topic of which is "How to handle difficult person". I am too lazy to regurgitate the facts. Let me test and experience it before I share them. This is because in the past I have read lots of books with such titles before and none of them are effective.

Most of the time I encounter people so eager to belittle, unfairly criticise, humiliate and gave me sarcastic remarks. I am a little surprise I do not receive negative comments from my topic on "Why I hate babies". If it were on person to person level, people will straight instantly attack me, "Why hate babies, what harm have babies done to anyone?". As it is in the blog, nobody bother to attack me.

A while ago, i read from the NST online that 80,000 Malaysian may be infected with H1N1. This figure is a very alarming and scaring. Could this be the beginning sympton of human extinction. Time shall tell.

On the Star online earthquake rock Sumatra, tremor felt in KL and Penang. So far in my life I have never felt any tremor or shake due to earthquake even during Tsunami 2005 times. My spiritual teacher explained me that I was sort of "protected" from unnecessary "threat"

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fear of Disease

My fear of the current H1N1 has led me to eat more fruits especially coconut water. In my small town where I reside I heard that there are 2 hospital staff died today. Many people are wearing mask. I cannot blog long tonight because the light in my room has blow out.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Babies and why I hate them

OMG, i may not agree with many people. I hate babies.

1. They are little devils grows up to be a monster.
2. They are just like hypocrites, pretending to be this, to be that.
3. Some are even very bossy just like real bosses.
4. Some are so demanding and so difficult to pleased.
5. When they shit, it mess up everywhere and dirty the hands that clean it.
6. They are very irritating with their hands simply take/grab and spoilt people's things.
7. They are nuisance in the sense that so heavy to carry around.
8. They just like little mammals, the by product of one couple's vices.
9. Some are so ugly to look at especially those with small tilted eyes and flat face. The most disgusting ones are the obesity one. URG!!
10. Each time whenever I see them i feel like want to wallop and squeeze them to death.

Well, can't help so, not everybody likes the same things. Everybody's taste is different. I prefer male children to female children anyway.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Modern Versions vs. Traditional Older Versions

I like these few phrases . They are :

1. Older version
If you ever encounter any preachers and/or relatives or friends were to tell you. "Follow what I say but do not follow what I do".

Please reply them with the new version

"Whatever you say, you will first do it and show others, and then you will speak about it."

2. Older version

No pain , no gain.

Modern verson.

No effort, no gain.

3. Older version

Forget the past, let go.

Modern version.

Just like when you want to leave any where, you have to turn your back on the things that you want to leave behind.

Yoghurt - Container

Dutch Lady yoghurt is selling at RM1.29 /140 gm tub.

4 tubs yoghurt one container free. So far I have collected all the four colours.
They are so colourful and nice to look at.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Online diary - 8/8/09

Doubts, suspicion, discontent, dishearten, tiredness, confusion and stress are the norm of the days. Tell me, if there is anyone who is not feeling any one of the eight adjectives. I have all the eight types of those feeling to the extent that I cannot update my blog daily.

Theoretically it is very easy to talk about, "Not to be serious, let go, forget the past, bla , bla, etc." These are bullshits. It is never easy to disregard our feelings let alone eliminate or get rid out those feelings. Meditation teachers claim meditation can assist in this aspect. I am in doubt now, hehe. Likewise any motivational speakers can give you list of ideas and advices and they are all not easy to practise.

Two of my married friends confess that they prefer not get married, cos they are not very satisfy with their married life. One of them is due to financial reasons, another is because of jealousy between the spouse and his family.

A few days ago I was shouted angrily by another so called friend.

Me say: " Wow these few days you look very radiant, heard that a relationship is blooming"

Troy say (pseudonym of course) : "You shut up la, don't spread anything, don't tell anyone. See I never bother with anyone affairs".

Me say : "Ok, ok, i don't see nor know anything,"

What a fucking friend, never give me face completely, scolded me like hell. I was only joking. The truth is that this married man is seen sitting very closely, touching another lady who is also married at a restaurant. They are both married yet continue to have affair secretly.

Somebody saw it, and informed me. What a scandal. Dare to indulge, yet scared people comment. No balls and unreasonable man. Well this is typical example of a man in conflict with his inner self. The world has turned very dirty in all aspect.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cocoa Bread

Baking is bread is simple with bread machine;

340 gm/12 oz warm milk
55 gm butter
1 egg
60 gm sugar
30 gm cocoa powder
1/2 tsp salt
425 gm bread flour
2 1/2 tsp dry yeast

Place all ingredients except cocoa powder into the bread machine. At the end of 2nd knead cycle add cocoa powder. Bread is ready in the next 3 hrs.