Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Babies and why I hate them

OMG, i may not agree with many people. I hate babies.

1. They are little devils grows up to be a monster.
2. They are just like hypocrites, pretending to be this, to be that.
3. Some are even very bossy just like real bosses.
4. Some are so demanding and so difficult to pleased.
5. When they shit, it mess up everywhere and dirty the hands that clean it.
6. They are very irritating with their hands simply take/grab and spoilt people's things.
7. They are nuisance in the sense that so heavy to carry around.
8. They just like little mammals, the by product of one couple's vices.
9. Some are so ugly to look at especially those with small tilted eyes and flat face. The most disgusting ones are the obesity one. URG!!
10. Each time whenever I see them i feel like want to wallop and squeeze them to death.

Well, can't help so, not everybody likes the same things. Everybody's taste is different. I prefer male children to female children anyway.

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