Monday, January 30, 2012

My Ideal Life/ Concept

Ideally if there is a choice, I would have wanted to get married at age around 18 year old. Marry to one good man in character. Easy, simple and not ugly. Then 80 years down the road, both of us still in love with each other, still support each other. Still possess one another. Gazing at each other eyes, knowing in full confidence that we really want one another with full passion. Everything else are secondary and set aside. We don't be bothered about what around us; eg any political turmoil, earthquake, Tsunami, stock exchange crashes, which actor/actress commit suicide or give birth, war etc.

We listen to this song together be it at a candle light dinner or simply at a concert or maybe from the disk as below : "Look At Us" by Vince Gill

The lyrics and the melodies are so soothing to the ears that I like to listen to this song again and again.

Call me a dreamer if you like, but this is truly my idea of an ideal life. Where got life and luck fair to me??.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Autumn Leaves

At this time of the year, the leaves are falling down. While I was clearing them, I am very much reminded of this old song of Nat King Cole, "The Autumn Leaves"
** Take note the colourful and picturesque view of the video.

Steamed Chicken

This is the steamed chicken that I steam for myself. Steaming is relatively easier compared to other method of cooking. The ingredients are :
1/2 no. of chicken
thinly sliced ginger, carrot
cilantro ,
spring onion
light soya sauce
oyster sauce, sugar

Quantity all depend on individual taste and liking. I like to steam it just cooked or preferably 3/4 cook, so that the meat of the chicken is still tender and soft. Usually not more than 15 mins.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Dinner

This is my dinner. Only vegetables (leek, cabbage, carrot, pea) and one mango lily. I eat them with sesame oil and chilly sauce. This is because I want to go healthy and control my weight. Had been eating a lot for the past few days.

Why I skip my Reunion Gathering

After so many years of leaving school we still held school reunion during either Chinese New Year or any part of the year when many of those now residing outstation coming back to town.

Depend on my mood on that particular time I may sometimes will not attend them. In fact I have skip many years of my school friends gatherings especially those years when I was young. The reasons I skip are because I feel very uncomfortable and sad to give a lousy update of my self in all aspects, that is career achievement, marital status, relationship status, which countries to go to for holidays. All focus on name and fame and financial standing. Because I fail all those and very embarrassed. I also have family problems in my younger days. Thus I do not attend many reunion with them.

Now as I am old I think they emphasize less on these name and fame matter. Now at my age, the topics they discuss are cholesterol level, sugar level, weight problem, or rearing pets for companionship. I start to meet up again lately.

Still today I skip one reunion mainly because I m not in the mood. Don't like to tell them that I change job again. All the hoo-ha as if there must be something wrong with me. I already not happy inside and I do want any additional pressure. Different if they are my colleagues who already knew this matter. In addition I was also very lazy and tired after the lost key in the office. Although the case has been solved and settled, my whole body energy already drained and finished.

My plants

This is my asparagus fern. I just bought one small plant and they multiply till i have several pots. Asparagus fern prefer shady place. May it always keep growing.

This is my many petals bunga raya or hibiscus plant. It is blooming. Wish that it can flower more in the future with my fertilizer.

How forgetfulness & / or carelessness can affect you

Case 1.

If you go out of the house without taking also the keys out. You surely got hell of the trouble especially if you do not have any relatives outside who have the spare keys. You got to go through the stress of waiting for the locksmith to come and unpick the lock. And not all locks can be unpicks. Mine at one time lock was cut by the locksmith due to he unable to unpick it. A very big hardened lock from the old time. Besides the cost of the locksmith, you got to buy a new set of lock.

Solution: Have a spare set of lock hidden or buried in a part of the garden which you alone know where. Used to have a spare set in the car, and the car was smashed and keys stolen altogether

Case 2.

If you went out from the office without taking the key with you. You too will have a big headache if and when the rest of the colleagues are on leave. The chances are they will knew that you are careless, forgetful and not to be relied completely.

Solutions. Have another spare set keep by a better understanding colleague.

Case 3.

You are rushing to work in the morning. And you are unable to trace where you put your spectacles. You search like mad woman/man from one room to another. You search at your dining table, your sofa, your bed yet you couldn't find your spectacles. Finally you decided you can no longer find it without the help of another spare spectacles. If you are a bit lucky, you will have a spare old spectacles left for assistance. Quickly I wear it and find high and low for the spectacles that I urgently needed to go to work.

Solution : Always put the spectacles in the same place if you go to the bathroom.

Likewise always put the same place for your keys when you reach home.

*** A friend of mine was looking for her spectacles until she stepped on her spectacles accidentally.

These all too indicate a sign of age catching up.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photo tricks

Long long time ago, even until today, when people see my photos , they want to make friend with me. But when they see the real me they tell me, " You do not look the same as in the pictures." I instantly knew the meaning as I myself also aware that I look different in picture and in real person. Many people have informed me about this.

What a natural deceive!. To look better in picture than the real person.

The camera help to mask for me, haha.. and one can't locate me by seeing my pictures.

My favourite verse of the Bible

I haven't completely read the Bible yet. While I was flipping through some chapters, some verses seems to sound nice . One of those is ;

Psalm 37:3-4

Trust in the Lord and do good
dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture

Delight yourself in the Lord
and he will give you the desires of your heart.

If this hold true, by being obedience to the command of the Lord, be like Christ likeness, the Lord will reciprocate me with the desire of my heart. What an interesting beneficial bargain. It is not difficult to obey the Lord.

Again, as in many other aspect of life, time will tell. Then I shall know. Or hopefully not the other way round, I must have faith first then the above principle will hold true. A bit tough.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jan 1, 2012

That significant matter that i mention in my last post was i have my water baptism last night. That to say, i have embrace the Christian religion publicly.

The old has gone, the new has yet to come. The old has gone together with year 2011. May 2012 is a breakthrough for me in my career and my personal life. I like all the sermons so far.

Wish that this is a better year for me. Wish that I can also read a few passages of the Bible daily consistently.