Sunday, December 27, 2009

Life is determined by

I learnt a very interesting lesson today in my spiritual class. Our life is determined by the following according to the priority
1. Destiny
2. Virtue you have practised or have not practise in your last life
3. Feng shui - eg. the five element of nature, being water, fire, air, ether, earth.
4. Luck
5. Knowledge/Skill

It cannot be more true than this. This also explains why the good and innocent sometimes suffer while the cunning and wicked flourish. If any person had practise too much a negative virtue (wrong doing) in his or her past life, no amount of feng shui and knowledge can help him or her. Knowledge also unable to help much. Debts have to be returned. If you hit the ball, the ball will bounce back - Newtons's Law works.

So the number two in priority "good virtue in past life" really determines large portion of the destiny. If I have not practise enough virtue in my past life all principles of life eg the practise of Law of Attraction is unable to work too. God is also unable to help. Meditation only helps the sufferer to be able to more able to cope the difficult situation.

This is by itself sounds so logical based on my observations and experiences.

There are plenty of examples I can give you. Eg. some people do not need to work hard to achieve high status in life with abundant of money. Some slog like hell yet so poor and always never successful.

Some become rich by compromising their integrity and virtue and later get diseases. Some baby born with funny diseases, etc.

Any natural calamity like the flood or earthquake happens accurately and never by chance.

By having this knowledge, i am confident i will have a better life in my next rebirth, after i have repayed my debts by suffering in my this present life.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Joke For Tonight

A friend was telling me that many years, when he was young, he was hired to despatch. The manager asked him to deliver cheque to a certain company. He keep the check inside his shirt's pocket. Somehow for the reasons that the wind could be blowing too strong. He was riding a bike. The wind blew off the cheque. Upon returning to the office he was reprimanded like hell. He was criticised severely because of the losing the cheque and the consequences of having to call up the bank to cancel the said cheque. Based on this reason he was transferred to another department.

I didn't mean to laugh at him. The thought that the wind can really blew off the cheque really makes me laugh hard. It is so humorous and funny. I wonder whether you may feel the same as me or not. Haha. It really makes me laugh in this stressing moment of my life.

My opinion regarding facebook's games

I started playing facebook online game, Pet Society, Restaurant City just to name a few since Aug 2009. It was fun initially. Most things are fun initially. However as they have no "game over" or a very too long continuous game it becomes very stressful and tiring. I have to sacrifice sleeping time, my original hobbies and many useful meaningful work to achieve the target such as trophies or buying latest furnitures. Unlike physical game like badminton, games of cards where they game over is within a short period of time. This facebook online game is never ending. Nowadays I have lose interest in it after being charmed by them for 4 months. Four wasted months. 120 wasted days.

It takes 4 months to "wake" me up. Wished that it was shorter. Wished that I was more rational earlier, eg to plant something that i can eat physically, bake something that i can really taste, selling something that i can really spend in real monetary value. Virtual are not meaningful.

Now I am reverting back to my original hobbies of reading blogs, gardening, thinking, sleeping and maybe on other more meaningful jobs such as to improve myself in my spiritual journey.

A worrying experience

The steering of my car seems to getting heavier. I am getting scared and worried. Is it anything wrong with my car. I normally do the servicing according to the schedule mileage. It is night time now. Most shops are closed. As i was driving I was wishing and hoping nothing will be going to go amiss. I tried to remain calm. With divine's help I was able to reached home safely. It must have been divine's help that enable me to drag for nearly 9 km safely, now thinking back.

Upon reaching home I had forgotten about the whole event. I water my plants as usual. Something caught my attention through instinct. I bent down to look at my car's tyre. My guess was right, my car tyre is punctured. What a lousy day.