Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dengue fever survivor

It started all like this

13 Sep 2010 - feeling very tightness in the stomach. Loss of energy and stamina

14 Sep 2010 - High fever, went to see one clinic doctor and also take Carinox pills suppose for flu

15 Sep 2010 - Extreme high fever - around 39 C , whole body ache, Migraine too. Loss of energy - felt very weak and pain all joints and almost at every parts of the body, including the eyes.

16 Sep 2010 - extreme fever still 38 - 39 C, went to see another doctor. Unfortunately unable to have blood test due to lab closed as it was a public holiday being hari Malaysia

17 Sep 2010 - unable to tolerate the pain anymore. Luckily there was no electricity at Path Lab, so I decided to check in private hospital, the one nearest to my house. I felt and aware that it was so much different from normal fever. Felt like lost of breath and stamina as i gather all my energy to drive to to the hospital.

Unable to tolerate the pain anymore, I opt for emergency ward. The nurses took my blood test and temperature. I remembered asking the nurse how high was my temperature. It was 39.7 C.

18 Sep 2010 - I felt slightly better after the drip.

19 Sep, 2010, the doctor gave me 2 packet of platelet.

20 Sep, 2010, i was told i may discharge if my blood platelet improve. I have been fortunate my condition improves and was allowed to discharge on 20 Sep in the afternoon.

During my stay in the hospital 3 nites for 4 days , it has been very sad for me. I cried a few times as It was very painful each time the nurse poke the needle on my arms or hands for blood test. I woke up very early in the morning as I couldn't really sleep very well on the narrow hard mattress in the hospital. I woke to meditate almost all the morning I was there. True enough my fast recovery surprised many friends and acquaintances.

I remember asking the doctor the first question when I checked in there. "What is the percentage of I can stay alive?" of which the doctor told me , "As you have arrived here, things should be okay."

All I know was that the pain from dengue fever was thousand times more severe than the normal fever. The germs from the dengue really suck one's blood till I bleed when I spit. Even the colour of the urine turns dark brown.

The post discharge days, I felt very dizzy . These dizziness will normally last one week after discharge. This was told to me by a patient's daughter in-law who was next to my bed in the hospital. It is already 10 days after I discharge, I have gained back my normal health. Wish that it has never occurred to me. However I also acknowledge, there are still many diseases which are much was than mine. Thanks God I have survived. Please give me good health till the end of my life.