Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life is tough (Part 2)

Life is forever tough, difficult and full of challenges. I found out the reasons mainly why I have no suitors are because I do not speak softly and slowly when I was young. These are very crucial for men to pick and accept their potential girl-friends and wives. I knew these too many years late. So sad. Thus i have missed opportunities. Just like i read from one blog sometimes back , his criteria and probably most men criteria to look for in a wife or girl friend is : somebody that may help him in his career, a woman who speak softly and slowly and articulate besides having a face that is attractive to look at. In addition to a good career and financial standing to boast about. This is truly "wah lau eh "
To speak softly and slowly is an art. No wonder majority of my superiors and colleagues dislike me. Too bad for me. To me this is just a mask. No wonder men said the women that they love change once they get married. It is crystal plain the women did not require to act anymore once the are hitched and married. To speak softly and slowly do not come naturally. It is a skill to learn and practise. It is very superficial. There are instances when one can hardly able to talk softly and slowly in case of emergency or being too much concern. Example just imagine how can one manage to talk slowly and softly if one's loved one eg baby or parents catch fire. Or maybe one's car window screen being smashed. The concern will over take the speak softly and slowly.

A failed actress like me is left alone on the shelf. What a miserable unfair life.