Saturday, June 23, 2012

23rd June 2012 - online diary

Though I have decided to quit my job, I still work very hard for them.  For the past few days I have been working from 9:00 am till 9 pm something nightly.  You may say that I am a fool.  And I feel that I should do my best with full responsibility trying to update for them.    The mother fucker is so impatient of not receiving my resignation letters yet, giving more additional task to pressure me.

This is really a fucking bullshit world where people are trying to kill one another.  In this case it is not by weapons but through a more subtle way.  Hopefully next month is my last month with them. 

I want to pursue something which i have long neglected due to financial constraint.  I pray to God for making my brain still function and  with good memory. 

Today being a Saturday, of course I am happier, with less stress  compared to normal full working day.   Slept like a log in the afternoon.  This too is after i decided to call it quit.  Prior to deciding to quit I have nightmares and worries that I cannot stleep even at 3:00 am in the morning.  Those unnecessaries fears, sorrow and worries are coming to an end soon.

I foresee my weigh may reduce after I am no longer working.   Got to tighten my belt and reduce spending.   I  look forward to church tomorrow ecause I like to listen to whatever that is preached by the Pastors.  For unexplainable reasons I do not like nor enjoy the worshipping session.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Instinct Is usually Correct

My fear has materialised. I shall be not working soon.  My boss makes my life very difficult. She asked me to do stock take fortnightly to every 3 days.  The norm is once a month for all other organisations.  She can't wait to receive my resignation letter, so got to resort to this ill-treated method.  Thought I do not know, but I knew almost everything.  She wants to make my life more miserable.

The mother fucker wants to protect herself because the food and beverage is too high.  These are due to due to wastages and pilferage.  The bitch is protecting her own incapability of preventing this, got to make me a scape goat to sacrifice  as a failed controller.

How I wish she quickly contracted cancer.  I think illness and disease are the one and only method to really tame and make good a person.  The rest are bullshit.

I am also extremely happy tonight to hear  that one of my old bad boss has contracted cancer back.  He was cured for nine years and finally the cancer returns back.  Serve him right for being a very conceited, proud, inconsiderate and unfair boss.  Sometimes God is fair.  Thank you.  It is not that I am bad hearted but I was very cruel and shamefully  mistreated.  This kind of person we cannot feel a slightest pity or sorry for him. 

Relationship: Complicated

Every time when I see anyone describe their relationshop as complicated I feel agitated.  Why does it neeed to be complicated?.  If it were divorce, just say divorce,,  possibly they feel embarassed about being divorcee.  Some are maybe they are involve in a relationship with somebody's spouse.  And they are unable to publicly say so. And maybe a few are involve with relationship of the same gender, they do feel  ashame to say so, therefore got to use the term "complicated".

Actually it need never be any complicate, if you know that it is unwise or not legally to involve in that relationship why makes it so hard to be involve so.   Find some part partner of different gender instead of same gender.  Find a single persons instead of somebody's wife.  They are just being naughty.

No harm admitting if you in love with other people's wife or husband, many billion others are in the same boat.  Worse, some are involve with their brother-in-laws or sleep with their sister-in-laws, , etc