Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wind chimes

Bought and hang a wind chimes for decoration. I had thrown away my old one because it never chimes due to too heavy metal. I like to hear the nice nature tune.

Whoever told me that wind chimes can attract ghost is like person that tell lies lies without really knowing the actual fact. I have once hang wind chimes for more than 30 years there was never any ghost around.

Increase stamina / energy

Do you ever feel lethargy? Or maybe you have just recovered from any sickness. From ancient time it is believe that drinking the decoction of these 3 chinese herbs may increase the life force.
20 gm "tang som"
20 gm "koh kee" (red wolfberry)
20 gm red dates
4 cups of water
Serve one person

Wash and rinse them. Put all in a slow cooker for about 4-5 hours. Drink it as and when you feel thirsty.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My short term plan

As my waist line is thickening I feel that I need to do something. Hopefully I am able to put them into action. Getting fatter now with no commensurate "fatness" in my pocket is very disgusting. Fat is very ugly .

1. Skip dinner. If necessary just take yoghurt and fruits will do.
2. Take fruit and fruit juices on Sunday.
3. Start physical yoga exercise, emphasizing more on the waist. Flexibility is good for the spine.
4. Sleep before 11:00 pm for a healthier body and mind.
5. Drink more water, because i drink less than 8 glasses per day presently.
6. Spend more time for my spiritual endeavour.
7. Start to declutter my house.
8. Spend more time on my long neglected garden.

Please let me achieve them, Divine Cosmos Energy.

On Line diary - 26/10/10

Lately I am very tired and fed-up. Workload keep increasing yet the salary never increased. What an inconsiderate management. If law of karma holds true then their business should not prosper much. Serve them right. Fucking inconsiderate people. Everybody seems to chase for fame, name and financial gain only. I hate this world. Cunning two legged animals are every where around.

In my whole life of working, I have never come across, salary increment is based on performance. Salary increment are practically based on sneakiness and unless one work in goverment sectors where they have the proper job scale work. Life is always tough for me. How come this world never ends. There is nothing to like or worth loving.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Budget Healthy Lunch

So that was my lunch for the day; 1. Burdock soup, 2. fried beansprout with chives flower, 3. mix vegetables, and 4. fried broccolli with shitake mushroom. I love them.

Those who have follow me for long will notice that so far I haven't demonstrate poultry, fish or any meat in my post. This is because I no longer cook them. However I still take them for social reasons.

An acquaitance is planning to get married

Today I received a surprise news that my acquaintance, my spiritual class mate is planning to get married. He told me after 14 years of celibacy, he fall in love with a girl who drop by in his shop. This news to certain extent shocked the seniors masters.

He was also a bit wary as he had witness 3 unhappy ending for 3 couples who were formerly from that institutions. The 1st couple ended with they gave birth to one handicapped child. The 2nd couple ended in death where the husband beat her to death for her disinterest in having sex as much as he wanted. The 3rd couple ended in divorce because of irreconcilable differences. So he has his doubts and prepared for the chances. He is unable to let go of the woman of his dream, and will be getting married soon. Love overcomes his fear. He had already spent thousand of money for the woman's family, beside the minor labour help, eg changing of bulbs, fetching the sisters, etc. As a friend i also encourage him to go ahead to his plan to end his bacherlorhood. Marriage is a mistake which is worth to make, everybody says so. I told him to invite me to his wedding because he and me have been acquaintance for 5 years already.

As a friend I just wish that his future wife will appreciate and reciprocate his love.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This muruku was fried last year. The equipments needed are muruku mould, mixer bowl, sieve and frying pan are required. The ingredients are : 3 cup of rice flour, 2 cup of black bean flour, 2 eggs, 3 tbs chilly powder , 1 tbs salt, 2 tbs carom seeds, 2 tbs sesame seed, 2 tbs cumin seed, 1 cup of water. Curry leaves. Mix until a dough is formed. Heat the frying oil, press the dough into the mould. When the oil is hot, rewind from the handle of the mould to release the dough into the pan. Take out with sieve when golden brown. Among my friends that had tasted my muruku, many of them offer to buy from me. They are very crispy and aromatic. May consider to sell if i have the time to fry.

Sources : - adapted.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What does writing meant to me.

When i was young, being a writer has come across my mind. Not that I have the passion to write, neither do i have the flair in writing, wide vocabulary or anything encouraging. I simply have great interest in reading especially those that have some elements of feelings. eg. those story books like memoirs or collection from childhood to adult to old age - biographies, novels or any love magazines. I just plainly admire the writer's creation/stories, nothing else more.

Those days when i was very young, instead of going to the library to have revision for my studies, i subconsciously pick up novels or sometimes magazine until totally absorb in it. So in the end no revision was done. Anyway those were the days. Good old days.

Writing essay in school was my worst subject which i dread so much. Believe or not I do not know how to create stories being a straight person, I learnt to memorize a few essay samples from sample books and copy bits and pieces here and there for my essay test when i was schooling. So you know how a poor creative person i was then. This round I should try to be the exact opposite. Turn the yellow to green, white to black, red to blue and so forth. Make it like fish also can fly. "Go to fly kite, you are telling nonsense now" i can hear this from afar.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Night Entertainment in Penang

The road is in

between E&O Hotel at Lebuh Farquhar and Hotel Continental Penang, Penang Road. The whole scratch of the road from beginning till the end, left and right are rows of bars, bistros, lounge and massage parlour. Unable to count how many of them, i guess must be over 10 units. Naturally these may enhance the attraction of the nearby hotels. The guests have so much choices to have fun. As it was on the Sunday morning when i was there, the clubs and bars were still closed.
Seems that after the dark night life has end, a clear new day appear. Then you have this "pure" woman in white exist a total contrast from the night environment. Joking la.

The woman in white who squat down is ............... yours truly.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vulgar vs Decent

Vulgar is only vulgar if one put in into action by force or if you have lustful thoughts. Lets talk about the so-called "vulgar" words and its meaning. According to the English dictionary "fuck" is used to express anger or annoyance.

- "Fuck you", "fuck that" is also an expression of anger and do not care about.

- "Fuck all" - means nothing at all.

- "fuck around" or "fuck about" - means to behave in a way that is silly, stupid or unnecessary.

- 'Fuck off" - means an insulting way of telling someone to go away

- "Fuck up" meaning an expression of one making a mistake or do something badly.

- "Fucking followed by a word or phrase" - means emphasizing that word or phrase while they are in the feeling of angry or annoyed

- " Fucker" - If you called someone a fucker, meaning you are insulting them

Some other vulgar words include, "celaka" "meluat", "disgusting" , etc. Words are only words. Those sneaky, sly cunning person are much worst. Equally dangerous are those who are externally a decent polite fella but a monster devil at heart.

Simple dinner

This is what I have for my dinner tonight. Cheap food. Cook them all myself. No MSG, no recycle oil. They are fried melon with carrot, fried spicy brinjal and caned baked bean. Feel good and hungry after 3 hours. All been digest. Of course have to supplement with fruits.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hooray - Weekends is coming

Hooray weekends is coming. I will have more time for rest and relaxation. I enjoy being at home in solitude. Everything else is put aside. Me and my space. Many people told me that I am lucky, I have noone to answer to. I made decision without the need to take into consideration of anyone.. I cook the food that i like to eat. I can go anyway I like if i can afford. During weekends I have no whatever pressure. No buggers' name is allowed to be in my thought. I am like a bird. I am free..........

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Straight from the heart

The whole day is cloudy, drizzling and raining. The weather is cool and gloomy. As gloomy as my feelings. My mind keep thinking and wandering like stray horses.

My mind goes to the lucky businessman who struck Magnum 4D jackpot last few weeks. Today according to Sun paper another 2 strike RM27.8 million and RM190,288 respectively. How come not me er? All good things goes to somebody else. I understood from my spiritual class I must have not been good or generous enough either in my present life or my previous life. Too bad.
too bad. How nice if I ever struck Magnum 4D jackpot with few millions in my pocket. Cannot be more happier. Wow, then almost everything is solved. My face will be sparkling with cheerfulness daily, who will not?

How lucky are those who work in a job that they really like and choose for. Then one can everyday look forward with enthusiasm to go to work. My present job is not extremely torturesome as some other previous jobs, yet i prefer it could be better. At the present time, most companies are practising multi-tasking much to we employees expense. This is due to greed on the part of the management to save labour cost. Employees are being squeezed and exploited like nobody's business. This is one of the examples of this fucking world.

Incidentally "Straight from the heart" by Bryan Adams is my all time favourite song. I have chosen it to be my telephone caller ring tone too. I like the melody.

Too bad I am unable to download it due to "Embedding disabled by request'

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scare the hell out of me

As I have a little discomfort with my body and a minor heatiness, I cannot sit still. I thought while I am still 80% strong with stamina, I better go to check at my company panel clinic.

The doctor checked that everything is normal for me, no fever, blood pressure. I am a bit relieve. He also advised me that in case of dengue, it is better to go to general hospital compared to private hospital because now the general hospital has all the latest facilities for dengue. He also informed me that one private hospital (name which I withheld) there are many dengue death cases already.

So good of him that he gave me 10 tables of Neurovit multivitamin Vit B1, B6 and B12 for my nerves.

Wish that I am always healthy. All those career, relationship, are secondary. We just have ourself to take care of. Even if we have family, spouse, relatives, friends or whatever we cannot depend on them permanently. Then we become a burden to them.

Burdock root (gobo), turnip white soup

As can be seen from the picture, the ingredients are 1 stalk or burdock root (gobo)
1 no. of white turnip

1. Scrap the burdock to allow the mud or sand all clear off. Likewise clean the white turnip skin.

2. Slice the white turnip and cut the burdock, pound it slightly. Mix into the pan with water and boil in medium fire for approx 2 - 2 1/2 hours.

Drink it like tea.

Burdock and white turnip are both blood purifying agent. They eliminate toxins and waste from the body thus enhances overall health.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Left brain vs. right brain

I was shown this movie last night. It was basically about the differences of the left brain and the right brain function. Left brain controls the logic, rational aspect whereas the right brain manage the artistic, intuitive, subconscious and also the emotion aspects. Somebody explained that to me. With the slang I am unable to comprehend what she is saying.

No Limits

No Limits

You are as large as your dreams.
You can go as high as your aim.
You can be as focused as a laser beam.
You are not limited by your past or by what others may think of you or even by circumstances.
If you choose to live fully, there is no limit to you.

Excerpt from which i subscribe to

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Looks like love, but not love

Have received this picture from Maxis today. it is an advertising to use more MMS. The funny things is, I have asked a few friends who are using 012, they do not receive this picture. This picture coincidentally same as the picture from my supplements tablets picture - the thumbs of both hands touched with the rest of the fingers arched that way. Symbolic of love

My love house

I notice majority of the people keep loving and praising their kids. As I got none I love my house and contend with it. The reasons are ;
1. It is landed, not an apartment as I dislike taking lift or walk-up.
2. There is no houses, shops or any buildings directly in front. It is a small piece of land with grass and trees in front. Less people looking.
3. It is nearby to eateries, wet markets and supermarkets all within walking distance for convenience.
4. It is not situated in a cul-de-sac road. I dislike closed off road at one end a great deal because if there is any funeral or any event or function, the whole road is jammed and block.
5. It is not a guarded community therefore save in expenses. Many times guards are not to be too trusted also.
6. It is not too secluded or in rural area.
7. It has many air hole on the wall, thus it is less heating. Never mind that it is not sound proof, haha. That is irrelevant to me.
8. It has 2 air wells, which I can open for natural ventilation and lights internally.
9. Visitors in the hall are unable to see what is in the kitchen i.e compartmentalise, not the open concept.
10. However it has too small a garden, wished that it were bigger

My dinning area makeover

So these are the pictures of my dining area. Those who known me can easily identify table that belongs to me typically with some messiness and seldom empty and bear like not being used, haha.

Monday, October 4, 2010

My laundry area retiled

So this is my airwell or laundry area where I hang my wet clothes. Had them tiled recently too.

My wet kitchen makeover

Had my old wet kitchen repaired recently.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meaningless encounter

Hi Julie!, Long time no see. One fella called me across the narrow lane in the market. The same face that I used to admire from a far more than 20 years. He hasn't grown any older. Or maybe because of distance I can't see clearly the wrinkles on the face. Anyway it doesn't matter much.

I don't bother to stop for a conversation. Just smile only. There is nothing else to talk about. I knew he is happily married. Not too sure how many kids he has by now. Maybe 2 or 3 kids. Whereas I don't have a family to boast about. He doesn't choose me to be his girl friend twenty years ago. Let alone marry me.

As for me, presence makes the friendship warmer. Anything lapse through passage of time may be stale and sour. Similarly school friends that I have not met for more than say 10 years and above, there is no longer any similarities or any anything common to talk about. To me the past is really a history. Different people may react different though.

An all rounder on one typical Sunday

Sunday is seldom a free day for me. I get up early in the morning to attend my spiritual class. Today I was late. Never mind, late is better than not attend at all. They have shown their courtesy by visiting me in the hospital and also perform some meditation for me when I was having breakbone fever alias dengue. I shouldn't turn away from them then.

Looking back, since joining this organisation I have become more knowledge-full. Seems like I have been awaken Just like any religous or spiritual preaching, the follower seldom practises what good deeds or virtues that they have been taught. Cannot be helped, the world is degrading day by day. The other day, I told the sister in-charged, "Theory is always different from practical". Very few people are embodiment of good virtues, especially now where everyone is just for themselves.

I went to supermarket to purchase avocado since today i was introduced the nutritious value of avocados. One person had her diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol cured by eating one avocado per day. Avocados reduce bad cholesterol level and keep the heart healthy. Avocados rust quickly after being cut open due to oxidation. Therefore several drops of lemon juice would delay the oxidation and keep it green.

Normally Sunday I shall cook lunch and dinner for health and financial reasons. I prefer more vegetables and fruits nowadays. Have cut many high-fat carnivorous items from my menu. Just can't afford to fall sick.

I also mend the porch floor area with cement and sands. This is the 3rd time i am mending it. It keeps coming out. The careless contractor knock it with its wheel barrow that day while they repaired my place.

I also pull out a few plants to make my garden more spacious and hopefully less mosquitoes around.

Have a nap in the afternoon as I do not have enough sleep for the night and also I was a bit tired.
After dinner I catch up with my ironing of clothes which I have neglected 2 weeks.

Still the most interesting hobby or past time for me is surfing websites.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

How dengue change my perspective in life

Dengue has changed a few my feelings towards a few aspects of life. When I was out of breath while driving to the hospital, i was only asking for help from the divine or cosmos because no human beings are able or willing to help me. Upon reaching the hospital I was half fainted yet i manage to register and wait in the emergency ward. One patient asked me why I was crying, I told him, of course I was crying because I was very sick and sad.

I also aware that money and property is not as much important anymore if one is really sick. All friends and relatives are useless and of name only. They can't help to revive back your life. Your life is only managed by you alone. They are not bothered to give you assistance too in case of emergency. Maybe I am destined not to have any physical helper in my life. Naturally I am more cold towards people now - very detached.

When one is sick you are able to make a few people happy as can be seen from their faces. That was why my ex boss had to hide his cancer from many people when he was infected with cancer.
He also did not want people to laugh at him at his lowest weakest time.

Today I bought CO Q 10 to hopefully regain back my stamina and health to its normal level. One need to really take care of one's health. This is the top most important aspect in one's life. With sickness one can never enjoy his/her wealth at all.

Thanks God I do not contracted other diseases which are more worst and more threatening than dengue. I have fully gain back my health 99%. as at today.