Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meaningless encounter

Hi Julie!, Long time no see. One fella called me across the narrow lane in the market. The same face that I used to admire from a far more than 20 years. He hasn't grown any older. Or maybe because of distance I can't see clearly the wrinkles on the face. Anyway it doesn't matter much.

I don't bother to stop for a conversation. Just smile only. There is nothing else to talk about. I knew he is happily married. Not too sure how many kids he has by now. Maybe 2 or 3 kids. Whereas I don't have a family to boast about. He doesn't choose me to be his girl friend twenty years ago. Let alone marry me.

As for me, presence makes the friendship warmer. Anything lapse through passage of time may be stale and sour. Similarly school friends that I have not met for more than say 10 years and above, there is no longer any similarities or any anything common to talk about. To me the past is really a history. Different people may react different though.

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