Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The "Closeness" and Intensity" of a relationship

Someone asked me how I would define a relationship as very close and intense. This remind me so much of my colleagues who phone their spouse so frequently. Within such a short period of time from stepping out from the house, still talk again and each day called so many times. So I guess a relationship as close & intense when one has so much to talk and exchange about. Or it could be if the "couple" as being seen going out together very often, play together, work together, eat together and sleep together. Some old people nicknamed this similar to "siamese twin".

Certainly I have missed two more crucial yardstick until someone pointed that to me. They are;

1. disclosing and exchange of all bank and cash balances. This is would be much more sensitive than being physically nude, haha.

2. or maybe without missing to inform the other parties as such mundane activities such as shifting of furniture, buying of tissue-paper.

My friend sounds correct, doesn't he?. What do you think?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

How not to be angry with anything, anyone, etc

After a few years of attending my spiritual class, I was taught how not to be angry. The roots cause of anger may be several factors, eg

1. When the persons you are dealing with do not fulfil your expectation.
2. When one's pride or ego is hurt by insult, rivalry or whatever.
3. When things do not turn out the way one prefer it to be happen.
4. Jealousy, greed, hatred and grudges.
5. The pride or ego of looking down of others. Majority never dare to be angry with those you feel more superior to you or to our loved ones.

Therefore as the reasons for angry has been revealed, there shouldn't be much problem to conquer anger. What so difficult to conquer anger er? Just accept the fact that all human population are not only not perfect yet with many many flaws. Everybody including me is full with all vicious thoughts. Whatever happen is nothing new, it is all Law of karma at works. 98% is predestined, 1% is effort, and another 1% is luck. Please inform me if I am wrong.

Wall Clock - Feng shui

Today a friend suggested that I remove my wall clock because it is directly facing the main door. When she went home, i quickly do my research online feng shui about clocks

Based on this website it is also suggeted that one should not hang their wall clock so that you can see them first thing as you enter the house.

Possibly this contribute to why I do not have the luck I wish I have. Hopefully with effect from today, after I remove the wall clock, I shall be a lucky person. Luck is what I needed most. With luck everything should be smooth sailing for me. This include money, relationship and health of course.

P.s. Time will tell if this feng shui works.