Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3, 2012 - Going To Church

Today is the 9th week i attend church service, commencing from Feb 6, 2011. It is interesting to go to church to listen to the pastor's sermon. So far so good. The pastor talk logic. An acquaintance of mine stop going to church after she can no longer bear the preacher preach nonsense according to her ears after being a faithful christian of more than 10 years.

As for me, I prefer the listening of the 'lessons' part compared to the singing of worship session. No I m not a Christian. That's why when I hear the meaning of the songs which comprising praises I feel bored and lethargic. However I feel enthusiastic during the talking session by the pastor. I am really not sure whether I may be a Christian or not one day. The reasons are in every religions they have their own groups of followers claiming theirs to be the Truth and effective. I am still very impartial, fair and neutral as ever.

The amusing part is that when they have their mimic "last supper", I also ate the broken cracker and small mini cup of ribena juice just like old timer.

I am brought up in a strict Taoist family. Taoism is not without its setback and benefits. It is a pity that there is no proper lessons or education on Taoism except from some rare one which one may find in some text from the bookshop.

I am always curious how come some friends said that they have experiences with God be if from team A or team B God. I never have. Some people even had the extend of vision, eg vision of Light, vision of Kuan Imm, vision of Jesus, vision of Buddha. Sometimes I think that it is good that I never seen them before because if I were to really see them, I will sure fainted. So scaring then, they have died long ago, haven't they? No, no, I prefer not to have vision of them, I am really scared.