Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stag horn fern

This is my stag horn fern. I have planted it since around 2005. Five years is a long time. Yet it grows very slow. Maybe I do not give it enough fetilizer. People said I grow too much plants in the garden. No matter what I do not have the heart to give away all these plants. It is nice to look at, is it not? What give away, majority of the people always give ill advises. Luckily I sieve through my intellect first.

Fried Mixed Vegetable

With all the leftover from the refrigerators
1. cabbage,
2. carrot
3. petai.
4. young corn
5. wintermelon
6. mushroom
7. onion,
8. celery Australia
9. vegetable chicken
10. ginger,
11. garlic
12. Salt and sugar to taste.
Cut and fried them. It is tasty to me.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

First happy coincidence

All my life, i never have happy lucky coincidence, not that I can remember of. Only recently I have one very minor one. One Tuesday 23/11/10 I apply annual leave for Thursday 25/11/10. On yesterday 24/11/10 we were told that our office aircon will be off for servicing on Thursday. So this is my first lucky coincidence. Hopefully there will be more to come.

I know of some people who always have lucky coincidence where they have helpers to help them in time of need, but i never have such before.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Daily Life

Life is tough and full of problems, obstacles and heartache. Thus in order for me to forgo and forget it, the most effective method is to sleep over it. By sleeping, I do not know and unable to feel any sorrow temporary. I become unconscious. Sleeping is the best healthy method to shut off our mind from any normal unhappiness. Bye and sweet dreams........ Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Everyday I wish the same thing year in and year out. How come it never materialise.?

Traditional Mask

2 in. papaya green (if sensitive skin use ripe papaya)
3 in tumeric

Pound the papaya and tumeric into a paste. Apply on the face until it dries off by itself. Rinse with tap water.

Tumeric is believed to be an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory agents. Whereas papaya is said to contains carotenes, vitamin A, B1, B2 and C.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Personalised Creative Gift

Scratching your head over thinking of what to buy for your loved ones presents? At various times we offer gift or present to friend as a token of appreciation and/or friendship or to just to say thank you. The gifts may come in various forms eg pens, belt, cake, snacks, cologne, perfume, cutleries, electrical items, fruits, vouchers, dinner, movies etc., you name it. Lately it come across my mind of giving gifts in the forms of in action or services, namely massage, i.e. back body massage - (Not the hanky panky one). There are many types and techniques can be found in the You-tube. One of those relaxing soothing massage is like the below :

So the next time, how about ask your friend to come over and try your massage. Who will do that? Maybe I be the first one, hehe, or rather the few rare one.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My present love /interest right now is dreaming. Dreaming destress me. Dreaming makes me feel comfortable and full of satisfaction. Dreams allows me to feel and experience whatever I like to feel and experience without interfering anybody or anything. Dreaming also allows me to sleep very fast and easy.

I can be a lovable princess in my dream or the most influential authoritative queen. A queen that is so much loved, pampered and treasured by a very attractive king. How wonderful! How blissful. I can also be a billionaire living in a big mansion in my dream. flying in the air too. I can be anyone i want only through dream. Everything and all events can happen as what i expect only in my dreams. Happiness can also be achieved through dreams. Noone get hurts or embarrass through my dream. Fantastic.

Dreaming is like having a good fun chat with a very close understanding companion. How can such close understanding companion be found on my way if it were not a dream.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Wake up at 9 something in the morning feeling very fresh and alive.

Went to marketing.

Make myself 1 glass of ice honey lemon as i was also making the concoction for "Over haul remedy"

Window shopping in the late afternoon. How I wished the clock tick slower on Sunday and all holidays.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is it Love or Money that keep us alive?

I love the melody for this song "Love will keep us alive" by Eagles. naturally i doubt the content.
Do real love really exist now? Or maybe I am not lucky enough to experience it. Poor me. How I wish I can have a close loving partner like Romeo and Juliet or like the one in The Titanic show being the famous phrase "I jump, you jump". Wow, then it is really bliss. How come I never got the chance to experience such loving situation. So failed. Majority of the people I knew simply love and chase after money. Maybe they are right with money only we can buy bread, rice, shelter and facilities. Without money everything is at halt.

Happy Diwali

So this is my work place kolam. The person who decorate this kolam took 2 working days to complete it. As usual, any where the kolam is always very colourful. This is the first time I take a picture with it. Happy Deepavali and Happy Holidays to all my online and offline friends everywhere.