Thursday, February 18, 2010

Latest Pepatah Peribahasa

Somebody forwarded to me this interesting new pepatah melayu. I feel that it should be shared;

1. Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kereta
pun boleh undur, terlajak kapal terbang takde gear
reverse, sori.

2. Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita kahwin lain.

3. Sudahlah jatuh ditimpa pula tangga lepas tu
tercium pulak tahi ayam.

4. Alang-alang mandi biar guna sabun & syampu.

5. Harimau mati meninggalkan belang, isteri mati
meninggalkan gelang, suami mati meninggalkan
hutang. (Itulah...lain kali jangan suruh suami beli
gelang secara hutang)

6. Sebab mulut santan binasa sebab mulut juga...
nasi pun habis.

7. Biar putih tulang jangan kuning gigi (gosok,
jangan tak gosok tau)

8. Kalau tiada angin masakan pokok bergoyang
kecuali kalau ada beruk atas pokok tu

9. Malang tak berbau tapi kentut boleh berbau
walaupun tak berbunyi.

10. Biar mati bini jangan mati anak (boleh kahwin
lagi ape)

11. Alang-alang menyeluk perkasam biar sampai
kepangkal ketiak.

12. Biar korek hidung jangan korek tabung.

13. Berakit-rakit kehulu, berenang-renang ketepian
lama-lama jadi letih.

14. Sayangkan anak tangan-tangankan sayangkan
isteri kahwin lagi satu.

15. Kalau padi katakan padi, tidak aku ternanti-
nanti, kalau sudi katakan sudi, kalau tak
sudi.....boleh blah.......

16. Harapkan pagar, pagar pun tak boleh harap.

17. Tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang inikan pula
tempat kena saman.

18. Hujan emas dinegeri orang, hujan batu dinegeri
sendiri, kalau macam tu lebih baik tak payah

19. Biar lambat asalkan perlahan.

20. Kalau tiada rotan, pelempang ajelah....

21. Carik-carik bulu ayam lama-lama jadi bulu
tangkis badminton, pasti ayam kebogelan.

22. Air dicincang takkan putus tapi kalau daging
dicincang tandanya ada kenduri

They are accurately relevant to present circumstances.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Online diary - 16/2/10

I start working today because this company only observe 1 day holiday for CNY. I brought along with me cookies and cakes to share with my colleagues. The office was so peaceful as there was no telephone calls. Majority of other companies are still closed.

Time passes so fast and those that are around take this opportunity to slow down a bit. When one has nothing much to do and without stress times really flies. It was just like a few minutes , eight hours passes by. So light and easy. How I wish everyday is like that.

In spite of the hot weather, we are all pleased. Pleased that there are no interruption from external parties i.e. customers and suppliers and what not complaints.

The roads are equally pleasing. So nice to drive along quiet road. Seems like many years back when motors were not that crowded as it is today.

I also receive an angpow from my management. Although it is a very small token of RM2.00, never mind because I feel that I can still buy 1 plate of "Chee Cheong Fun", or I can still use it to pay for car parks charges. Naturally how I wished that it were bigger.

With regards to this RM2.00 angpow, of course majority of us laugh and condemn about it. What and how to do? Normally it is the case, good workers seldom meet good boss or vice versa. Too bad.

All went smoothly and everybody went back home at 5.00 pm sharp.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Deep Fried Taro (Yam) Balls

500 gm taro
10 gm lettuce
All spice powder, pepper powder & salt

1. Peel and cut taro into pieces. Rinse lettuce for plate garnishing
2. Steam taro till soft. Mash taro and add seasoning.
3. Make mashed taro into balls and deep fry until golden brown. Arrange on the lettuce garnished plate.
4. Decorate with sliced tomato and tomato cherry
5. Serve with chilly sauce

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kek Lok Si Temple

As I am free I drive to Kek Lok Si to see whether how much it has changed since year 2004 my last trip. Found out that it has no major changes.

Yours truly at the compound of Kek Lok Si.

"Kam Moh Lan"

The phrase itself "Kam Moh Lan" makes me smile. In Hokkien literally it means sucking hairy cock.
"Kam Moh Lan" is an Hokkien idiom emphasizing how tiresome and difficult the matter / work is.
It can used as an adjectives for something extreme too. Eg the shop owner is as arrogant as "kam moh lan". Or the weather is as hot as "kam moh lan".

When we work non-stop busy like a bee and tired like a shit. To make a joke out of it , we describe such situation as like sucking hairy cock. Imagine how suffocating and troublesome sucking cock which is full of thick hair. Meaning excessively tiresome and troublesome.

Just reminiscing one of my office's jokes while at home, namely as tired as "kam moh lan".

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It is Chinese New Year of Tiger

It is Chinese New Year Eve tonight. By now everybody has eaten their reunion dinner. Haha, i have been eating alone for the past years. No sweat. Maybe this is what is called solitude. Being alone peacefully and pleasant with no inspectors attitude or bossy persons around me. This is one type of the joy of living. Of course they are various type of joy of living too. Eg with grand- parents, parents, spouses eating harmoniously. Not too sure such closeness still exist today until today or not. Maybe externally pretending to be happy around with in laws but feel damn uncomfortable inside.

Wishing all my Chinese friends a happy and prosperous chinese new of year of tiger