Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Straight from the heart

The whole day is cloudy, drizzling and raining. The weather is cool and gloomy. As gloomy as my feelings. My mind keep thinking and wandering like stray horses.

My mind goes to the lucky businessman who struck Magnum 4D jackpot last few weeks. Today according to Sun paper another 2 strike RM27.8 million and RM190,288 respectively. How come not me er? All good things goes to somebody else. I understood from my spiritual class I must have not been good or generous enough either in my present life or my previous life. Too bad.
too bad. How nice if I ever struck Magnum 4D jackpot with few millions in my pocket. Cannot be more happier. Wow, then almost everything is solved. My face will be sparkling with cheerfulness daily, who will not?

How lucky are those who work in a job that they really like and choose for. Then one can everyday look forward with enthusiasm to go to work. My present job is not extremely torturesome as some other previous jobs, yet i prefer it could be better. At the present time, most companies are practising multi-tasking much to we employees expense. This is due to greed on the part of the management to save labour cost. Employees are being squeezed and exploited like nobody's business. This is one of the examples of this fucking world.

Incidentally "Straight from the heart" by Bryan Adams is my all time favourite song. I have chosen it to be my telephone caller ring tone too. I like the melody.

Too bad I am unable to download it due to "Embedding disabled by request'

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