Saturday, October 2, 2010

How dengue change my perspective in life

Dengue has changed a few my feelings towards a few aspects of life. When I was out of breath while driving to the hospital, i was only asking for help from the divine or cosmos because no human beings are able or willing to help me. Upon reaching the hospital I was half fainted yet i manage to register and wait in the emergency ward. One patient asked me why I was crying, I told him, of course I was crying because I was very sick and sad.

I also aware that money and property is not as much important anymore if one is really sick. All friends and relatives are useless and of name only. They can't help to revive back your life. Your life is only managed by you alone. They are not bothered to give you assistance too in case of emergency. Maybe I am destined not to have any physical helper in my life. Naturally I am more cold towards people now - very detached.

When one is sick you are able to make a few people happy as can be seen from their faces. That was why my ex boss had to hide his cancer from many people when he was infected with cancer.
He also did not want people to laugh at him at his lowest weakest time.

Today I bought CO Q 10 to hopefully regain back my stamina and health to its normal level. One need to really take care of one's health. This is the top most important aspect in one's life. With sickness one can never enjoy his/her wealth at all.

Thanks God I do not contracted other diseases which are more worst and more threatening than dengue. I have fully gain back my health 99%. as at today.

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  1. Well, "All the money in the world means nothing if you have bad health because you won't be able to enjoy your wealth..." - i suppose that's true.

    And often, there's no one to help us. They can only take pity on us - so we seek Divine help. Surprisingly sometimes it works!

    Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog. Appreciate it ... take care always

    - Kev -