Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My short term plan

As my waist line is thickening I feel that I need to do something. Hopefully I am able to put them into action. Getting fatter now with no commensurate "fatness" in my pocket is very disgusting. Fat is very ugly .

1. Skip dinner. If necessary just take yoghurt and fruits will do.
2. Take fruit and fruit juices on Sunday.
3. Start physical yoga exercise, emphasizing more on the waist. Flexibility is good for the spine.
4. Sleep before 11:00 pm for a healthier body and mind.
5. Drink more water, because i drink less than 8 glasses per day presently.
6. Spend more time for my spiritual endeavour.
7. Start to declutter my house.
8. Spend more time on my long neglected garden.

Please let me achieve them, Divine Cosmos Energy.

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