Sunday, May 10, 2009

Raindrops inspiration

While standing in front of the rain, I tried testing my camera whether I can snap the picture of rain drops. The green colour background makes the rain stands out. We have rain on and off for the past one week. After the rain, the air is cleaner and more pure. Seems like the rain wipe out the dust.

Resting is one of my hobbies. Resting is also like respecting our body. People say an over used machine gets worn and malfunctions faster. While an under-used machine will subsequently cease to work. As I am getting older I am thinking a lot of ways to contribute to my good health and longevity. More towards natural way of living. Going back to old ancient ways of living. Eg, minimise fast food, artificial flavoring food etc. Trying to follow the philosophical life as been taught in my spiritual class, eg
1. Trying to do good and be good. (Not causing the self and others sorrow)
2. Trying to forgive,
3. Trying to let go everything including the incident that I have been cheated as in the post 9/5/09, hehe. (Do not remember the past)
4. To be be fair, kind, compassionate and non-judgmental.
5. To be an embodiment of virtues as thought in the spiritual class.
6. To die alive.
7. To start living.
8. To eliminate any nonsense bondages or attachment.
9. To smile more.
10. I do not whether it is true or not, but it is said that if you focus yourself on the Cosmic Energy more, slowly your sin may be absolved.


  1. Totally agree with the philosophical from 1 to 9. But no 10, i'm not sure too. Maybe someday u could explain further after learning it.

  2. @Stella,
    I am still testing no. 10. Trial in progress,hehe.