Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Christian faith journey

Today, being Sunday, I go to sunday church service as usual.  Somehow I felt that today, i like the sermon a lot.  Anyway I enjoy the semon since my day one there. When I analyse the reasons why I like it, I guess it could be probably because I like History subject and sermons are mostly like History from the Bible.  They are real stories which had taken place in the past many thousand of years ago.

I like and agree with what the pastors mentioned about a few statements ;

1.  We are never in control of our life.  God is in  control.  God has the power to give us wherever he likes and He has the power to take them back as well.

2.  Destiny is the hand of  God.  

 My instinct tell me that these are true.   I cnnot agree more.  I have many cases which I believe are all God's plan and God's gifts.

If I knew  Christian's believe in fate, destiny and God's plan I would have earlier embrace Christianity.  No need to wait till I am so old. What a wasted years.

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