Sunday, November 18, 2012

Job interview and /or dating

There are two things which I hate very deeply.  They are dating and job interview.  Although both have two diffrent spelling and terms i really feel there are no differences in them.  They are almost identical in meaning and process and set-up 99.9999%.    The only diffrence is that one of them is interviewing for a potential  job holder and the other one is interviewing for potential position of boy-friend or girl-friend.

The reasons I desribe as similar are  :

1.  Potential interviewer that  is the boss or manager of the company will not prefer someone is presently unemployed.  They have the fear and no confidence to hire somebody who are unemployed thinking that, "well if he/she is good why are they not working now"   Similarly the potential man or woman will not prefer any person who is not attached now.  A potential boyfriend will prefer a woman who is presently somebody's girl-friend compard to a woman who is completely single and unattached.  It is for the same reasons, if she is good why still unattached.  This makes the unattached woman very unattractive for the post of potential girl-friend.  Better still or more  attractive is that woman is married.  Married carries the same weighting  or rating as employed and are more marketable.  Potential boyfriend will prefer you and regard you as more  valuable, other things being equal. 

I really hate dating and job interviewing.  They are both equally stressfull and very drain of energy.  Both of them also makes you feel like a victim and or a suspect being interrogated like hell.  These are the reasons I seldom inerview unless very necessary to earn a living.   

How blessed are the people who have the have a job that they are suitable and enjoying working with.   Like wise how blessed are couples who are very comfortable and loving towards one another. If there is a choice I really do not want to go through this wicked and suffering process.

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