Thursday, November 7, 2013

I still haven't found what I am looking for.

Seems like yesterday I write on my blog, but it is nearly a year ago.  (10 more days to 1 year since I last updated my blog).  Time flies.  People said when you are older, time moves faster.  This is certainly true.

The reasons for my neglecting this blog is due to I have nothing to write.  Everything is mundane.  No joy, no celebration, nothing new.  My own career is shaky. 

As the song tells it... - I still haven't found what I am looking for....


  1. There always story to tell , for me everyday is fxxking busy thing happen surounding me. I dont dare speak out . I just share on the BLOG . Where by I feel more comfort to those i share with.

  2. Hi, how you doin'? There's always something to write...I'm sure you have many good, the bad or the ugly memories? You can always do an archaeological dig into your memories, or like me, I kept 27 old working days Annual Executive diaries of apart from my work days schedules, meetings whatever, I noted down my safaris and when dating women, put in code of experiences. Also the many exciting experiences as well frightening ones, like staying at haunted Rest houses.

    In face I just last week posted of an experience I had in Japan while on board the Shinkansen bullet train...meeting a beautiful Japanese lady.
    Maybe you had someone who left footprints in your heart, but was never to be, or well, I guess you know what I mean.
    Anyway, have a great week, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards,

  3. Hi Again, I just noticed your favourite song is 'Somewhere my love'. I'll play that song for you in my pondok. I love that song too.

    1. The Wiggles have been singing Rock A Bye Your Bear for 25 years,
      The song's also in our 2nd album

    2. Our goal is to pay tribute to The Wiggles.
      Not be better than them, We also have our own skivvy colors.
      Dillon wears yellow and I wear blue

    3. Tyler sleeps in purple and I play the guitar in red