Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cell Group (CG)

I start going to CG since Feb 2012 somewhere near the Chinese New Year season.  We have our CG every week except for first week of the month.  As at todate I have not missed any of them

My friends are asking me if I will like to open my place for CG or not.  Am still considering because inside my old house, I do not installed air-condition and I am wondering if it may be too warm for them.  If the attendance is 100% there might be around 21  persons.    I don't really mind much other criterias like my place is  the least beautiful compared to theirs.   So far I have been to total  8 (eight) houses.  Another 2 still I haven't been, schedule to be in the next few months.  The venue of the place  are by rotation subject to the host's convenience.  All of them are big new houses - 3 storeys mostly, bungalow and 1 new condominium.  Wow.   They really have much blessings from God.

We have many choices of food after the praying and discussions.  Each of us bring our food to exchange liken pot luck based on a duty schedule.

Last night the host prepare laksa to treat us all.  Spicy laksa which I ate one bowl.  This one is also a 3 storey house with electric circuit camera and alarm system installed.

Not that I really enjoy in the CG, somehow these open my eyes and ears to new knowledge.  Something I wouldn't know from my old faith.

As at todate not only I have no regret accepting Christ, I regret I have not accepted Christ earlier.  The Bible alone gives so much knowledge.

Unfortunately,  somehow the questions marks are, there are still lots of mysteries which I am unable to comprehend in life.  Mysteries and intense competition /rivalries in almost every sphere of life

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