Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Missing something .......

Some people like me for example has more emotion than the average people.  No matter  how much I was not happy in that place and that time,  I still do miss it sometimes when I think over it.  Such as my old working place.   Only time may help me to have this sort of feelings fade and  gone or maybe until I have a new working place.  Gone are the days I stayed back for dinner at the coffee house and chat with colleagues.   We talked about topic outside work.

When I visited them it sorts of brings me some memories though it was not a completely happiest one.  A place that one time of my life I had spend with.  This doesn't only applies to work place. 

When I stepped to the old school I also have that similar feelings.  I can feel that time has transform so many people so many events.  The canteen looked so big in size compared to now though it is remained the same size physically.  I got to run like hell to reach the canteen.  And now we are all old. 

The mystery of life is that I normally prefer what was over compared to the future. I love the past more than the future.  Not sure whether this applies to everybody or not.

Can't  help looking back and wondering again, "Why not a happier ending?"

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