Sunday, January 18, 2009

Do Not Rember The Past, Do Not have Expectation On The Future

I have read about this phrases many times in books but none strike me. Until one day it was repeated in my spiritual class. It hit me like the arrow or the head of the nail. I will never leave such a class.

This is very relevant to me. Past memories sometimes haunt me like unwanted bad dreams. Example those unfulfilled dream , shattered hopes, unrequited love, unfair defamation, destructive criticism, they do come into play so vividly like fiction writer writes flash back stories. I see young girl being humiliated because she was too simple,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Another scene the woman was feeling extremely sorrowful because .......... . I cannot continue, because I must seriously put a big full stop. Must make effort. The consolation is that happier times are coming if I compared the present with the past.

The second part of the sentences, "Do not have expectation on the future". That is what my nature is, I do not expect anything from anything base on extrapolation. Economy is getting more bleak, so what. I remember during the economic boom, I do not have any benefits. Sound selfish, but not selfish just self consoling.

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