Sunday, January 4, 2009

Spirituality Lessons - Sharing

The class starts early in the morning. As usual I try very hard not to miss the Sunday class. There are 9 pages of lessons today. Though I may not be completely alert during the 9 pages of lessons was read, I fully aware the meaning of the contents. Briefly they are :

1. Recently people celebrate the New Year whereas we children are given a new life. Everyday is a new day, as the no days will never repeat again. Therefore use each breath and time in a worthwhile way. None going to waste ideally.

2. By having treasure of knowledge and clear intellect one will be able to be so sensible that one do not need any advisor.

3.World transformation is self transformation. As we are unable to change the other party, we have to change ourself.

4. Become equal to the father. Do everything as He will do. That is not difficult, is it? It is easy to copy, is it not?

5. Just see, speak and do everything positive.

6. If any mistakes or events occur do not go into que of questions such as "Why?, What?, When? How". etc. Sit on the seat of awareness and one will not be upset.

7. Bid farewell to anger and its progeny. Bid farewell to weaknesses and defects.

8. Let every day and night be spent in zeal and enthusiasm. Fly and continue to make others fly.

9. The Father is bound to help one if one called out to Him. (conditions - do not keep other things/rubbish in your heart)

I may not completely practise what I have been taught, but listening to the 9 pages lessons -approx 2 hrs, I did feel so peaceful and soothing.

I am a peaceful soul.
Saya adalah rohani yang murni.

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