Saturday, January 16, 2010

Steps to download songs from pc to handphone

I just learnt to download songs from pc to hand phone today. ( I am very late and much left behind.) There are few methods namely : by bluetooth device, card reader or just USB cable.

The hand phone that I am using is the second handphone for me since year 2002. You can conclude that I am not a heavy user. Mainly because my contacts and networking are almost negligible. Most people I know of are too either absorbed with their families or their careers. Therefore left nothing to communicate.

The most important steps that took me a few days to get it is that once you have selected the songs, you have to save in the hard disk and not open in with any programs.

Once you have the USB cable to connect your handphone to the pc, click open removable disk till you can see the folder songs. Copy and paste the selected songs from your hard to the songs folder of your handphone. There it is, I have downloaded some sentimental old songs.

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