Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why it should not be difficult to be positive?

With a switch of thought anyone can be positive provided he or she can follows these few tips;

1. Forget all your friends and relatives that have hurt you one way or another. So what if they are either legally binding to you or have any blood relation with you. What so great.

2. Forget of the habit of wanting to accumulate more money.

3. Forget the habit of competing with one another for more wealth eg, new car, more property etc.

4. Disregard all insults and insinuating by all people; bosses, relatives, acquaintances and friends. Because they have been degraded themselves.

5. Forget the idea of looking for someone who is considerate, understanding, generous, big heart
caring, pure, etc because those that have such virtue together had died or not yet born.

6. Never take other people's sorrow/problem to be yours. Never.

7. Never be dependent on other people's attention, love, material being for our own happiness.
Too volatile and fluctuate. Even parents also can passed away.

8. We should not be controlled by our senses of organs; eyes, tongue, ears.

It may sound harsh. However if you really contemplate you will sure agree with me.


  1. I agree.
    It's all in the state of mind anyway.

  2. Speaking from previous experiences, all that you have said is so very true! Contentment is answer to one life's struggle.