Sunday, July 1, 2012

1st July 2012

Six months has passed by in 2012.  I shall be starting a new chapter of my life soon.  Intend to tender on 4th July.  Wish that this another 3 days they do not find fault with me.  The reason I drag to 4th is of course due to financial reasons. 

I have a mixed feelings of happiness and sorrow.  Happy because the stress and tiredness will be gone.  Too much workload for me.  If i were to really upto date the job, i will have to work more than 24 hrs per day just solely working in the office.  3 persons job for one. And the office environment during closing end month and beginning of the months is more tense then taking public examination in the examination hall.  This is very bad for one's health.  Got to go.

 Being jobless is nothing new to me.  I have been jobless  a few times before when i was young.  However  this round as I  am older, this is a stumbling block. Shall have anew stress or anxiety.   Still I got no choice, I cannot carry on working there.  This is fated.   Luckily I am usually prudent in my spending and cut off all holidays.  To prepare for this raining days.
Mean time I shall be doing  something that may exercise my rusty coconut brain.  ......something not common for old people like me to be do,  to pass  time and gain more knowledge.
I appreciate the old chinese people idioms,  "The days are not everyday sunny, and the flowers are not everyday blooming,"    and follow by one consoling one,  "One strand of grass sure got 1 drop of dew drops."  These are applicable to me now at this point of time.

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