Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Serendipity - Luck by chance

According the the dictionary, serendipity means is the pleasure which you get from finding things by chance.

Picture speaks louder than words. Since November last year my electricity bills are subsidised by the goverment because it is less than RM20/- for the six consecutive months. Sincerely hope that it will remains so in the future months to come.

Why? and how? Simply because I live in strict austerity without aircon and microwave oven. I bath in cold water. I don't really like to use microwave oven since so many articles write about the adverse effect it has on our health. Boil water with gas. And I am truly satisfied with this life style. Some friends say I can still survive even if thrown into the jungle or desert. I am comfortable with our tropical weather. Can't see any need to alter to cold air. This is one of my "speciality", not common as others.

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