Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1 Hour Quick Lunch Menu

As I am on leave today, I have the pleasure to do my own cooking. As the pictures depict I cooked mixed grains brown rice, steam lady fingers, fried ginger tau foo with tomato and celery and burdock root soup. My Mandarin speaking friend called Burdock as "New Phang". I have them done including cooking and washing up within 1 hour.

The cost of the ingredients are about RM4.50 (for both lunch and dinner). I have enough quantity to eat for dinner and lunch. Assuming I were to eat outside just for lunch alone at "Economy Rice" stall ; 1 plate of white rice RM1.00, soup 1 bowl RM2.00 (dilute too), 1 small plate of tau foo RM2.50, 4 nos of lady fingers RM 2.00. Total price RM7.50 only for lunch at coffee shop stall.

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