Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cannot Die

Whenever I look at this old tree trunk with grass grown in it in the middle brings me some old memories. The memories of the Chinese saying, "Chi kee chow chit tiam hor" in Hokkien. It simply means for each strand of grass sure to be one drop of dew. Therefore one can sure never starve to death. This is similar to the Malay version simpulan bahasa, "Ulat di bawah batu masih boleh hidup." I simply love this idiom. In difficult times such as now where certain management tend to in almost every conversation indicating sacking people. This particular idiom serves as soothing the mind as not to be afraid. We can still survive. We shall not be starving to death as indicate by certain egoistic proud management. Like the grass it stays alive forever even during drought season.


  1. Buddhists have a saying. As long as there is desire and clinging, you will always come back. Its different than the business saying that if you have money and a car you will always come back, haha.

  2. @ Damien,
    Sometimes certain events looks dreadful but after a period of time, we realise that it was really a blessing in disguise, ^-^