Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thoughts for today -- 26/7/09

Extremely tired during the weekends. I feel that I have not enough sleep. Tired is the accurate word to describe how I feel these few days. This could possibly be due age catching up. Or maybe Vitamin B is not sufficient. Vitamin B Complex. I am so easily exhausted. Can't imagine how tired those fussy people who want every items of theirs to arrange in 90 degrees straight. Some even mop their floor daily. As well as those who work 2 or 3 jobs per day. They must have indirectly abuse their body and energy. Or possibly they sacrifice their personal time.

I ate a small portion of porridge today after receiving one email regarding the danger of consuming too much rice. As rice after digest will transform to glucose. Ate more vegetables now onwards to compensate for the lesser amount of carb.

Read about the elderly who are abandoned by their kids in the paper. Well, internally in my heart I don't feel anything much. Because I remember very well, many people who have children are very arrogant and normally passed cynical remarks to people who have no children like me. And I am not sure whether those old folks have ever abused their children before when they were young. Can't help, some children do hold grudge and take revenge. After all this is a fucking cunning wicked world. This got to be happened. Pre-destined.

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