Monday, June 22, 2009

Am I living the way I should?

Am I living my life in accordance with the teachings I follow, whether it be Christianity, Hinduism, Islam , Buddhism, Judaism or whatever. Am I adopting spirituality in my dealings with others? Spirituality does not mean sitting in a church or temples for long hours per day.

Spirituality means a life with values based on truth rather than the acquisition of objects: a life in which I can understand and appreciate the importance of developing good qualities within myself: divine virtues such as tolerance, co-operation, honest, etc a life in which I can communicate and relate to others with a smile in my eyes and happiness in my voice: My aim should be to make the best of the life i am living and to be honest with myself and truthful in my dealings with others.

This is what I have been advised and taught. Naturally there is a gap between reality and the ideal . My own self assessment and evaluation is ............... I got to think over it to make a better accurate judgment. Anyway variance sure got one, who don't.

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